Welcome To The Freak Show Called My Dating Life


Come one, come all to the freak show we call my dating life! It’s a place full of wonder and where dreams cease to exist. Where there is darkness that fills the air and you will find traces of regret and despair. You will find mystical monsters of all kinds and even sometimes, you hear a rhyme. And of course, this is the place where love comes to die.

This freak show is a place full of the craziest creatures of the most peculiar type. A cheap seat allows you to see everything from the evil dragon that with slay your trust to the green goblin that will leave your ambition petrified. The oddest things you will ever see and hopefully will never leave your mind. You’re sure to find mysteries and freaks of all kinds.

Just a couple cents more and you will find peculiar things that twist and turn every corner, making you feel dizzy from the roller coaster you’re about to step on. You will find highs with beautiful views that let you see all of the world and feel like you can leave your past behind! But careful where you step, you find lows that will dip you into the unknown. Just keep your head still to prevent whiplash, because these freaks don’t know how to pull you in when it’s going too fast.

An extra buck or two will let you see the raven with mental issues that are too big to hide. Be glad there is a protective barrier keeping you safe from this one and the heart he would love to find. He has been known to uses his claw to rip out your spine, so you aren’t able to stand up for yourself and you have no place to hide. That’s the way he prefers to feed on his prey and put on a show at the same time. He will torture you while you’re down, making sure once more, you’re just a toy that he likes to use and play around.

Upgrade your package to find demons unlike any other you will ever find.. Ones that will make your stomach turn from the house of mirrors, or the house of horrors, depending on what they have in store. They will make you think you’re as beautiful as a pearl, but take a step closer and they will make you want to hurl. They’re known for their witchcraft and hatred that they feel, but love to spread. They will make you see a depth you didn’t know you had, or worse, they will twist what you’re seeing right before your eyes, so they can make you feel just as bad.

Come one, come all! Prepare yourself for the biggest beast of them all! One you should be scared to find outside these walls.. The three-headed monster that will eat your heart out and leave you bone dry. He thinks nothing of the carnage that he leaves behind.. He doesn’t see himself as a monster, a freak, an animal at all. Strangers walk by him thinking nothings wrong, among the people he feels like he belongs. He sees nothing wrong when he looks into the mirror and carries himself with so much pride. That’s what makes him the most dangerous of them all. He does no wrong in his eyes, no matter whose heart is on the line.

Why wouldn’t you love to come to the freak show and see what all has been captured in this dark, dating world? To be reminded of how good you have it or unfortunately, what’s in the dating store. While they’re all stuck in the horror of this heart, you can go out there and live on. Move on to something better than this madness you’ve just witness. Please, appreciate what you have and forget what you’ve just seen.

One of us has to.