we’re alive at the same time :)


life on earth is really fricked up !!! we are animals on a rock in space, but somehow we have evolved to have computers, the internet.. and even pinterest… there is so many notifications. there is so much of everything! but somehow, most people seem bored most of the time

how can u be bored in this world?

we have horse ebooks!! we have lil b the based god!! we have the stars and the rain! we have billions of people who are struggling to feel ok. we have urgent work to do, to end oppression and keep the earth habitable at all.. we have the moon, and we have instagram

i can understand exhaustion or grieving, fear or frustration, but boredom seems insane now

this video is my celebration of our fricked up life, and our time we get to spend together.. our limited, fricked up time. thank u for sharing it with me


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