We’re All Just Trying To Find Our Way From Point A To Point B


Even though it’s a ruthless city, I know New York is home.

On a good day, I walk a few dogs, I grab a movie, I see an apartment, go to a cycling class, and I wander the streets. The other day I wasn’t in a rush for the first time in a long time, and I stopped for a second to watch musicians in the Union Square subway station. In that split second, I had a thought: the city subways in their chaos and mania are a demonstration of human life displayed without forgiveness.

We are all here, flailing around, figuring it out, dealing with what comes our way because we have to get from point A to point B.

This is also our journey through life: we are all just trying to get somewhere, somewhere where we feel satisfied, somewhere warm, somewhere naturally lit, somewhere where we are full and content.

We start at a point and we map out our route to our destination. Some days it’s quick and painless and you don’t feel a twinge of stress. Somedays you have to rearrange your route or something gets in your way and you push. Sometimes you get caught up in your mind thinking about your ultimate destination and you get lost in finding your way.

But that is what life is. It is the in-between, it is the person you are while you are trying to accomplish goals. It is the sounds you hear, the smells, the faces going by in an instant, and what you notice and what you feel are the truest moments of life. Getting to destinations are important, it’s why we keep moving, but life is nervous and inexact and you should relish in the detours because it’s humanity asking to be noticed.