We’re Not Friends, Or Lovers, We Are Us


We’re not friends, we’re not lovers. We are us. You and I.


Like some magnetic force. Powerful and strong. Always finding our way back to one another in some way, some how.

My mind often wanders. 

It wanders into deep forests, and raging oceans, into peaceful sanctuaries and beautiful labyrinths. It wanders into your world, where you wrap your arms around me, and cradle my lower back.

It wanders into spaces in time where you run your hands through my hair and trace my body with your finger. That burning soul connection that makes my stomach whirl with excitement, and sends my head into some kind of daze.

A natural high; with you being my sweetest addiction.

You have been with other lovers.

Other lovers that may have kissed your wounds, and graced you with their natural beauty. They may have made you laugh until you couldn’t breathe, and they may have made you cry until you couldn’t speak. They may have planned your life out, and they may have changed you in ways you never thought another human could.

But, after all this time, after all these other amazing, beautiful women, it comes full circle. It comes back to you and I.

We’re not friends, we’re not lovers. We are us. You and I. 

Because, what I have found is this; when asked who you are, you are never just going to fit into one category. You are an ex lover, you are a friend, you are a wonderful human being, you are you, you make me feel alive. You are someone I let into my life many moons ago and you are someone who gets me.

So, how can we possibly label what we are? We are us.

You don’t need to be labelled to be loved.

And you don’t need a label to feel loved.

No combination of 26 letters would be able to describe what the last half decade has been for you and I, but here I am trying to pinpoint what it is about you. What exactly is it about our connection that is so solid?

No matter how far we drift apart, we are always coming back to one another in some way, some how. Like the way of the sea, you are the sand, and I am the waves. You’ll always be at the very depth of who I am; to my absolute core.

I find myself thinking about what is meant to be. But meant to be, by all means, doesn’t always mean a lifetime together.

It means the moments in our lives were meant to be at one point or another, our paths crossing, the universe aligning us at multiple intersections of our own journeys. I never thought that five years ago we would be sitting here, at our current intersection of where we have been drawn to. Here, drinking warm liquid goodness, sharing, and reliving our most treasured moments and memories of our 23 years. This is the beauty of absolute, requited and intense soul connection.

It’s spaces in time where we meet, where we connect, where we share our love, where we get to fill in the gaps; conversing about what the last year or two has been.

How utterly beautiful that after all this time, when we are face to face we are able to recreate those feelings of when we first met. Coming full circle, there is never any love lost.

We’re not friends, we’re not lovers. We are us. You and I.

Two separate human beings. Both knowing that the basic of all human need is to give love, and to be loved in return.

And this is enough for me.