What A Guy Who Wants You (And Only You) Will Look Like


He won’t have Tinder downloaded to his phone. He won’t have an inbox filled with messages from his ex. He won’t hide his texts from you. He won’t dip out of the room to take phone calls so you can’t hear the conversation.

He won’t follow girls he doesn’t know on Instagram because they’re attractive. He won’t even joke about starting open relationship. He won’t have a wandering eye every time you step out in public. He won’t make you question yourself. He won’t make you doubt his feelings for you.

He will introduce you to his friends as the girl he is going to marry. He will take you home to meet his parents as soon as possible. He will change his relationship status on Facebook to let the world know you’re an official couple.

He will text you at midnight on your birthday, unless he’s lucky enough to wake up beside you. He will count down the days until your anniversary each year. He will be your plus-one for every wedding and every holiday celebration.

He will drive for an hour, just to see you for fifteen minutes. He will tell you how much he loves you without being prompted. He will call you by pet names and share inside jokes with you.

He will let you pick out outfits for him and rearrange his closet. He will make space in his drawers for your clothes and in his cabinets for your toothbrush, even before you officially move in together. He will call the bed and the couch and the apartment ours instead of his.

He will hold your hand in crowds and let you rest your head on his shoulders during movies. He will look to see if you’re laughing even when there are a million other people in the room. He will make friends with your friends. He will become close with your cousins and your siblings.

He will wear the cologne you like best and the ring you bought him for his birthday. He will show pictures of you to his coworkers and agree when they say you’re out of his league. He will brag about you to people who are tired of hearing about it.

He will make promises and actually follow through on them. He will talk to you about the future house you’re going to purchase and how many kids (or dogs or cats) you’re going to have. He will involve you in his smallest decisions because your opinion matters to him.

He will look at you like you’re the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, even when the honeymoon period should be long over. He will continue to put effort into your relationship, even when he knows he already has your heart forever. He will feel like the luckiest guy in the entire world, even when you are in a horrible mood and start another argument.

He will work his hardest to make you proud of him. He will fight to give you everything you have ever wanted. He will never stop showing you how much you matter to him.