What About Love?


“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn

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When the word love seems fleeting and the notion of this word is rejected because of the unending blundering of failed relationships after failed relationships, all I can say now is, I’ve found love.

These are just a few simple things that I realized earlier on, but these things are powerful enough to define such a great abstraction – love. (NOTE: This all in my point of view.)

For one, you find love from your family, which is ultimately something that cannot be replaced nor replicated. This type of love is probably the type of love which is taken for granted. People won’t realize the importance of having that love for their family. Often we take for granted those opportunities to finally be with them, to finally have the time to spend with them, get to know them and bond with them. Your family will love you no matter how long you’ve been away, no matter what you do, no matter how far you’ve gone, they’ll always love you for who you are and who you will be. Their love knows no price, no limits.

You find love in the friendships that you make. Honestly I’m not good at keeping relationships. Being that friendly, cheerful, happy type of person doesn’t always mean you have a lot of friends. I’ve had my share of people coming and going and that was it, never heard from them again. The people whom I have right now, the people who I manage to still have that chance to be with, to talk with, to be myself with, the feelings I have with them will always overpower that feeling of losing a friend. But honestly right now, I feel more of an outsider, rather than someone part of a group of friends. I guess its my fault too, for distancing myself in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to have a friendship with you or with other people, there’s always a chance for that. It’s just really hard to talk to people who won’t even try to talk to you in the first place. Regardless, friendships are formed because you find love in the things you share, the memories you make, those talks you have, the laughs that leave you gasping for air, and those times when you needed someone when you had no one else to run to.

You find love in the things to do. It was a late realization, and it took almost 2 years for me to understand myself and what I really wanted to do in the future. I was confused for the first year I had at school, I wasn’t sure if I was taking the right course, I completely doubted my abilities in that degree, I guess I wasn’t cut out for course. I took a year off just for the chance to pull my grades, to find what I think I can do, where I think I could go. But I had that gut feeling I would be more comfortable in the field of arts. I wasn’t too artsy, I never really developed my skills in drawing, writing, etc, which sort of a regret now. I’m trying to run after those dreams again, but its harder now since I think if I had kept myself on the right track before, I would’ve been light years ahead of the skill set I have now. But at least, with everything unfolding before me, the more chances I get to do what I love, the better chances I have of fulfilling my dreams in the long run – hopefully.

You fall in love with someone. Cliche at its finest, but it is honestly something I cannot miss out on. Falling in love. I’ve had my share of that feeling with a supposed significant other. At this day and age the meaning of love is often taken for granted. It is often mistaken for something else, often mislead with the fluctuations of in-explainable feelings. But then, there are no rules to falling in love, it is boundless, it should not be timed, it should not be tampered with, you should just let it be – its just suppose to happen. It’s like second nature, a force of habit, something you wouldn’t notice until probably a huge sign would just pop out and say “hey, you’re falling for this person”. In fact, there are times where you’d deny these feelings, but its either you just accept and act on it, or not. That actual realization that you are indeed falling for someone, it just hits you, and sometimes it could hit really hard. 

Love is someone seeing the beauty in you and wanting to be with you. Love is not guaranteed. We are not owed in love. That’s why when we get it, we don’t always know how lucky we are to have it, too often we take for granted something that is so dear and through loss could only be realized that it is something worth holding on to. Here’s the thing: There’s nothing more rewarding in this world than knowing that you’re being understood. Someone is seeing all of you and accepting it as is.