What Being Honest With Yourself Really Means


Sometimes things happen in your life that force you to get really real with yourself really fast. If we want to see change, growth, love, and happiness in our world, then the first step is getting honest with ourselves.

Being honest with yourself means acknowledging when you could have done better, and then doing better. It’s being able to see inside a situation and look at it from others perspective. It’s validating your own experience without hurting others in the process. And then it’s changing your behavior moving forward based on what you learned from yourself and those around you.

Being honest with yourself means admitting when you’re wrong, it’s knowing that you don’t know everything and that’s okay. It’s forgiving yourself for your mistakes while simultaneously holding yourself accountable for them. It’s a balance of grace and accountability.

Being honest with yourself means looking at your choices and responses for what they are, not what you want them to be. It’s analyzing your own words. It’s being open to the way people perceive them. It’s being able to see the flaws in your own communication.

Being honest with yourself is deciding what you want and cutting the rest out. It’s no longer caring about the things you once did, simply because there are so many bigger things for you now.

Being honest with yourself is moving away from the things that are no longer meant for you, the things that don’t care for your spirit in the ways they used to or you thought they did. It’s being able to move forward with your pain while still committing to the joy tomorrow has.

Be honest with yourself. Know what works and what doesn’t work for you. Know what you want and be able to recognize if that’s what’s right in front of you. Know when you did wrong. Know when you didn’t tell the truth. Know when you have the ability to do better. Learn to trust your gut through a track record of honesty with yourself.

When we start to get honest with ourselves, we not only become a better friend, lover, parent, and partner, we become better to ourselves. We create a better life for ourselves.