What Being Single Is Not


Being single is not about the presiding joy of swiping left or right on online dating apps. It’s not about the single dating mixers advertisers flash in your face. It’s not about taking hot selfies of yourself so onlookers can lust over your body.

Being single is not about succumbing to your friend’s wishes that you meet their other “single friend.” It’s not about the random hookups with strangers, random oops moments with your friends, or even the excitement from random pickups.

Being single is not about eating ice-cream while watching netflix in your bed. It’s not about the joy of walking around your place in pajamas and tissue boxes by your side. It’s not about bad-mouthing your ex or thinking of the many reasons why “they were not the one.”

Being single is not about putting yourself down for all the times you could have been a better partner. It’s not about self-hate. It’s not about the past.

Being single is something completely different.

Being single is about self-improvement. It’s about looking forward. It’s about being positive that tomorrow will be as exceptional as it was today.

Being single is about being comfortable with every inch of your body. It’s about the joy of working out, eating clean, and dressing proper all for the joy of being extremely happy when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Being single is about knowing you’re hot without the need to upload a picture of your sultry self, or tell the world through a status, on that “site.”

Being single is about keeping your bedroom clean, your bathroom spotless, and your kitchen filled with food… all for you and no one else. It’s about impressing yourself that you’re self-sufficient and you can survive alone. It’s about knowing when you open the front door you’ll be greeted with a made-bed, which you can safely glide into without the noise of anyone around you.

Being single is about working hard and celebrating your career wins without requesting to hear other people’s affirmations or validations. It’s about trusting the risks you’re taking are beneficial to your life. It’s about doing different things and improving on old hobbies, all for the joy of learning something new. It’s about creating productive habits.

Being single is about owning your life and loving your life. It’s about living your life for today and tomorrow. It’s about letting yourself take a step back to reflect on your own emotions. It’s about letting these emotions, good or bad, take over without expecting someone to be there for you. It’s about being fine with that preceding fact.

Being single is about taking a good look to find out the people you can trust, the people you find joy to hangout with, and the people who you will always fight for. It’s about enjoying and appreciating the friends and the family who really matter in your life. It’s about learning to love others platonically and unconditionally.

Being single is about looking about the great times you’ve had with your ex, but being able to move on, happily.

Being single is about being the best you can be, so when you do finally find someone, it’s not about them fixing you. It’s about you being the additional pieces you both need to make yourselves even better.

If you’re single right now, don’t worry. Don’t worry because you’re good.

You’re good.