What Depression Actually Is, Because It’s More Than Being Down In The Dumps


There are several known definitions for depression: a medical state, a mental illness, a disease, a disorder. However, I think the only person who can define depression is someone who suffered from it, because only he/she would know what it truly feels like.

Depression is slow death. It’s waking up every day waiting for the hours to pass by so you can go back to your safe haven again; sleep.

It’s being unable to describe the state you’re in to anyone, and sometimes not wanting to do so anyway.

Depression is silence.

It’s the quiet screams in your head, and the dried tear drops on your pillow sheet.

Depression is constantly feeling tired.

It’s feeling worn out after making the slightest effort because you’re used to curling up in bed doing absolutely nothing, and still feeling exhausted.

Depression is fearing everything you were once passionate about.

It’s feeling scared, unhappy, and overwhelmed.

Depression is feeling miserable about yourself, and your life, but feeling too helpless to try to change it.

It’s a continuous state of discomfort and helplessness.

Depression is losing hope in everything around you.

It’s being blinded by the darkness of your thoughts.

Depression is a state of destruction.

It’s when your entire life is falling apart, and you can only sit and watch it happen.

Depression is isolation.

It’s over-thinking, and being lost in thought all day long.

Depression is feeling nothing; a feeling of emptiness.

It’s losing interest in everything; losing interest in life.

Your kindness will not cure, change, treat, or even slightly fix the situation, but to say the least, it will not make it worse.

Very few people understand what it’s like to go through these symptoms every single day. And to top it all, people who suffer from depression also suffer from the way others deal with it.

So, the next time you know someone is depressed, no lectures needed, just two words, be kind.