Watch The Video Of What This Car Dealership Did To Get 1,100 Terrible Yelp Reviews In One Day


Massachusetts used car dealership F&R Auto Sales ordered pizza yesterday to the tune of $42 and change. They paid delivery man Jarrid Tansey with $50 in small bills, who left with $7 and change. He believed the change was a tip because he’d asked “is this a tip” and F&R Auto Sales had answered “Yes” (and also because why would you overpay with small bills if you already had exact change?).

But minutes after Jarrid left the dealership, he was called back and berated for assuming the $7 was a tip. F&R Auto Sales, recording the entire humiliating incident, then posted it to YouTube because they thought the humiliating video of them stiffing a pizza delivery guy was funny — even though it depicts one F&R employee telling Tansey he should “put a foot up his ass.”

[protected-iframe id=”e66a6f741b351334529119796e8bf939-7369149-53648312″ info=”″ width=”784″ height=”390″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Then the video was posted to LiveLeak and F&R began to rue the day it was ever born. Here’s what happened to their Yelp reviews in just one day.

Over 1,000 negative reviews and dozens of middle fingers. The internet seeks justice and it seeks it now. A GoFundMe account was promptly established for deliveryman Tansey and it’s currently collected $3,077 of its $4,000 goal. F&R Auto Sales is yet to make a statement about the incident or apologize for stiffing Mr. Tansey and posting the humiliating video.

The Tansey family is understandably appreciative of the support, both emotional and financial.