What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?


What did your last relationship teach you?

My last relationship taught me to rise in love, not fall in it, because it’s easy to lose sight of yourself, and what’s important, once you’ve fallen. But when you rise to the top, you can see everything and become an observer.

My last relationship taught me to trust my intuition — even your body will send you signals that a relationship is unhealthy (lack of sleep, inability to eat, nausea, etc). Too many times you will receive warning signs, but trick yourself into thinking you’re overthinking, or that “it’s something else.”

You should be able to talk to your partner about anything. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, please consider the fact that you’re exchanging biological bodily fluids — your thoughts are “nothing” compared to that.

My last relationship taught me to remember that everybody is human – everyone makes mistakes – but if you or that person keeps doing the same thing over and over, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice. A choice that will not change. Only accept an apology for the same thing once.

My last relationship taught me to be less judgmental. People will only grow if they want to, and if they are ready. You can’t force them, and trying is useless.

My last relationship taught me that not everyone has the same heart as I do — the world is an interesting place, because we are all different. But it also taught me that I need someone who at least understands my heart, or speaks my heart’s language, even if it’s a foreign language they need to learn (again, they must be willing, not forced).

My last relationship taught me to be more compassionate to others’ ideals and views, but it also taught me that understanding someone’s view doesn’t have to mean accepting that person’s behavior if I do not agree with it.

My last relationship taught me that relationships end, just like the cycle of life — of humans, plants, animals, and everything else on this planet.

My last relationship taught me to never put more into a relationship with another person that you put into your relationship with yourself.

Your happiness starts with you and ends with you. Keep a healthy relationship with the friends and family who matter — make time for them. You unfortunately never know when your time with them will be over.