3 Things Every Christian Woman Who’s Waiting For Love Remembers When They’re Feeling Lost


Love is something every person feels. You either love someone or you love something. It could be a person you are having a relationship with or people who are close to you, it could be something that you are passionate about like singing, arts, or traveling. No matter what it is, everyone knows how to love.

I asked five women the most common question about love, what is it, and was amazed by the variety of responses. 

“Love is a feeling that you cannot describe. It is what you feel for a specific person which is hard to define.” —Dyane

“Love is sacrificial and selfless; it gives without asking for anything in return. Love forgives.” – Pauline

“Love is a decision. It is not merely a feeling that once it fades, it is gone. Once you said that you love someone, whatever happens, whoever that person will be or whoever the person within the past, you still love.” – Jiezel

“Love always thinks of others before one’s self. Love always thinks about giving even to the point of hurting without the intention of getting something in return.” – Mirza

“Love is a decision to make. You love because He first loved us. In everything that we are doing, we should do it out of love.” – Jona Rose

We always look forward to love. But when it comes to relationships, women are the most careful and sensitive about it because they know that love will greatly affect their lives.

When you go over the internet, there are a lot of amazing stories how two lovers found each other and how they enjoy spending the rest of their lives together. But, many of the stories we know ended up being apart from each other. Go over your news feed and you will see a lot of relationship goals. Why? Because we look forward to having a relationship that will last a lifetime.

They say every woman’s dream is to be married….to be married to the right man. But what if you haven’t found him yet or you think he is the right one but he broke your heart? Do you think love is not there?

The famous tagline for women in waiting “true love waits” made me think of how long women are willing to wait. If you are still waiting, here are 3 things which you have to remember.

1. You Are Loved

1 John 4:9 says, “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him.”

You are loved not just by an ordinary man but by the extraordinary God. Do not think, not even for a second, that nobody loves you because it is a great privilege to be loved by our everlasting Father. You are God’s princess. A king makes sure that the prince his daughter will marry is capable of loving her and fighting for her. The same with God; He will only give you the person who He knows is right for you.

As you are waiting for the right man, be soaked in God’s love. Do not try to find love on your own. It is our Father who will give a man who is rightfully for you. God’s love is more than enough to complete us.

2. You Are Valued

You are important to God. And that is why He will not give you to a man who He knows will only break your heart. One of my favorite quotation is, “Dance with God and He will let the right man cut in”. God will not allow that His princess will get her heartbroken.

Just as how God values you, value yourself also. God is setting up a lovely story for you which He is writing within the time of your waiting. You are not a co-author to try to make you own precious moment and make a love story of your own. We know that not all love stories end happily and I know you do not want it for yours. Give a high importance to yourself that you will not settle for anything less God is preparing to give you.

3. You Are Set Apart

As God is preparing you for the right one, remember that God is also preparing Him for you. As you are waiting, focus on God. Relationship with someone should not be our priority but having a relationship with God should be the top of our list. We are set apart women not just for a man but set apart for God, to love Him and worship Him.

We are women with a calling to serve God and a mission to His Kingdom. God has called us to love Him and because we love Him, we obey Him. Focus on becoming a woman of God and when the time is right and the both of you are prepared, God will make a way for you to meet. And like a king who makes a banquet for his daughter, God will design a wonderful celebration for your love and godly relationship, a relationship that will honor Him.

So if you are still waiting, wait with joy and confidence that God has already prepared a love story for you. Enjoy your life as a single woman who puts serving God as a priority. I am blessed to see how women grow in their faith in God while they are waiting when will God give their heart to the right man.

Focus on reaching your full potential as a single woman in serving God than searching for love. After all, if God’s love is filling you, you won’t need to look for love from someone else because God’s love made you complete.

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” – 1 John 4: 6, NIV