What Every Man Needs To Know About Creating The Sexual Tension Women Crave


If you had to choose only one thing you could make a woman feel to guarantee she wants to sleep with you, sexual tension would have to be at the top of the list.

Take it from me, we LOVE it when a man knows how to slowly build the tension to the point where it feels like the vibe between us is just oozing with sex.

Problem is, most men DON’T know how to do this.

Not even close.

So I’ve put together a video explaining how to do so, including 3 principles you need to always follow.

Are you doing all 3 of these things?

If so, you’re definitely in the minority.

And what’s really interesting is men weren’t always so bad at this. A generation ago, men seemed to have a much greater ability to generate sexual tension.

But why is that?

Here’s 3 things that I put it down to.

1. Too much porn

Every piece of porn ever produced for male consumption is the exact opposite of what sexual tension1 is all about.

Women are all nymphomaniacs ready to get their freak on at the drop of a hat, no matter where they are or who they’re with.

This may be the male fantasy, but it sure as hell isn’t OUR fantasy.

We need time to get turned on, to really let that arousal build up inside our mind and our body.

That’s just the way we’re built.

If you’ve grown up on a diet of daily porn, your perception of what women really want and what arouses us is going to be seriously skewed.

So if you want to watch porn, go for your life. Just realize that what you’re seeing is a complete fantasy and not going to help you with women in the real world.

2. Technology

It used to be that we’d go out at night, be approached by a man, flirt for a few hours, give him our number and wait a couple of days for him to call.

During that time our mind would be racing with possibilities and a certain amount of sexual tension would exist naturally when we saw him again.

Sadly, scenarios like this are becoming rarer by the day.

Nowadays it seems a guy’s idea of flirting and building sexual tension is to swipe right on a girl and text her, “Hey do you want to f@#k?”

Believe it or not, but being treated as a prostitute isn’t all that appealing or sexy to the average woman.

The thing is, Tinder and other apps can be amazing for meeting women… when you use them the right way.

Rather than being so sexually direct and crude with your messages, give subtlety a try.

We actually love it when a man can allude to sex and make us thing about it without having to mention it directly.

Our imaginations are incredibly powerful, so give us a chance to use them rather than trying to use every dirty four-letter word you know.

It kills the sexual tension before it’s even begun.

3. Bad information

There seems to be more men today struggling with how to attract women than there was 50 years ago.

Yet there’s a thousand times more information on the subject now than there was back then.

Coincidence? I think not.

Most of the information out there sucks.

That’s just the truth.

Taking advice from men on what women really want is like getting legal advice from someone who’s watched a few episodes of Law and Order.

It may seem like a good idea at the time but usually ends in disaster.

Instead, you need to actually hear the truth about women FROM a woman.

Thankfully, as your Wing Girl I’ve got you covered with How to Become a Man Women Want.