This Is What Gay Men Think About Vaginas!



Guess what, everyone? Gay men don’t really have a whole lot of stuff to say about vaginas! Internet phenom Davey Wavey interviewed a gaggle of gays to get their experienced opinions on what vaginas are like. Chances are you know how the video ends up. But you gotta watch the video at least to see the first guy’s reaction to the question, “What do you think about vaginas?” HE LOOKS SO DEVASTATED. Then a couple of gays go on to say that vaginas have teeth, which, come on, they DONT. The video is just hilarious because none of the gays knows what’s going on/they have no clue what to say. But what do you think is the biggest lesson we learn about the connection between vaginas and gay dudes? Why, it’s that “Without vaginas there wouldn’t be gay boys because, like, we come out of them. You could say a vagina is a necessary ingredient for gay sex.” So think about THAT every time you hook up with somebody this Pride.

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