What I Think When I See A Fat Woman


It’s shocking the first time you see it. You probably remember your first. How did they do it? How did they get so fat?

How can this woman lumber in and be 510lbs? Not how in the why do this to yourself sense but actually how.

A quick lesson about weight:

If your resting calorie consummation is, say, 2000 calories and you consume 2500 calories every day, it won’t just spiral into infinity. I don’t know all the sums or, indeed, the equation but I know if you are a 24 year old man and consume 3000 a day you’ll be about 210 pounds. Never any more. It won’t go up and up forever.

I’m not a skinny man. I am this aforementioned 24 year old. I run all summer and slim down. I study every other season of the year, I fatten up. I fatten up because I eat too much. Like almost everyone else. I accept this about myself because I know I’m not in medical school forever.

Once, my scale told me I was 220 lbs, I deemed this to be unacceptable and I stopped. I do have limits. Everyone has this self limit, right?

Imagine how much you’d have to eat to be more than twice that. You can google it and find the answer but I don’t want to just put a figure in your mind – think of the mound of food. My 3000 a day is 3 meals and constant desk based snacking. Imagine how much you’d have to eat and how little moving you must do to be twice my size.

I feel a movement in the air towards accepting all shapes and sizes of person. Is this a good thing? Yes. Yes, it is. Or, rather, to a point it is.

We don’t accept people who smoke 40 cigarettes a day. We shouldn’t. Which, do you think, will kill you quicker? Which do you think will harm your day to day life more? I don’t endorse shaming different body types but shouldn’t we encourage health? Shouldn’t we shame wanton self-destruction?

If you doubt my assertion that being that busy would badly damage her life and that maybe she’s perfectly happy let me tell you this final detail: She broke the x-ray table.