What I Typed On Mushrooms On October 23 2011


thinking ‘who would “get” this’

ems8o thr informs790-


is information no longer recordable

thought ‘you can’t die from this’ and felt significance

memory of a position, outsidie of oneself

memory of something outside oneself

remembering a prior thing, no long34 rememb3ring

the significnce of my inability to type this

isnt it weird im having so much trouble typing this sentence

i cant feel wetness

i cant remember anything

im not sure what an outside perspective would think

this is all being recorded from some future viewpoint looking back like a spotlight shining on the past and in the darkness glimpsing anything

it would be more productive to be watched

but by who

why am i resting between anything

actually i can keeo going nonstop

no satisfaction

why isnt this ending

im expecting an end

remember the other time??


so what

something new needs to be constructed in secret

i’ve left a trail of insane information that can’t be found but already is known

so what…

save. stop.

go back to the other thing….

inability to experience with humor

remember [pointng motion]

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