What If Every Heartbreak Serves A Purpose?


So life can really be a jerk sometimes. You are going along, you know… living, having a good time and then out of nowhere, you get knocked on your butt and are left wondering what just happened. Just when you think everything is going well and you’ve gotten yourself headed in the right direction, that’s when you’re hit with another setback. Or maybe you’re pursuing a dream and everything is set and ready to launch and then you hit a major roadblock! It’s so freaking annoying! UGH! You’re like… “REALLLLYY???” “@%#%^&*@$#”

Writing a book about heartbreak and how to heal from it has afforded me tons of opportunities this year: speaking engagements, book events, television appearances, and meeting AMAZing people (LIKE YOU! :)). It has opened so many doors (several of which I will share with you soon! ;). Unfortunately, it has also given me the chance to test out my theory again and see if it really does work. Yep. The girl who literally wrote the book on healing from heartbreak, is in the middle of another one… AGAIN!!! UGH.

So what do we do? Welp. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that God has made some promises to me. The one I’m focusing on right now, is the divine commitment to make sure that everything that happens in my life ultimately works to benefit me. “For we know that all things are working together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) That does not mean everything that happens will be good, nor does it mean that everything will work out how we want. It does mean that God promises believers that ultimately what we go through will work to our benefit.

Take my book for example. When I went through that awful heartbreak 3 years ago, I was devastated! I was in so much pain, but now here I am having written and published a book to talk about it. And this author journey has been a dream come true and the most fulfilling experience of my life! But guess what? I couldn’t have written it without the heartbreak. So ultimately, God worked it for my good. It sucked at the time, but it is benefiting me in a MAJOR way now.

So stay encouraged, love. Believe God and hold God to the promises made to you. I know it feels terrible to walk through the pain, but there is a promise in the midst of it. It will ultimately work for your GOOD!