What It Costs To Be Low-Maintenance


Contrary to popular belief, being low maintenance costs more than you think.

I am sure you’re telling yourself, after reading that title: there isn’t a price tag to discuss regarding those who are frugal and neglect to cloak themselves in trendy celebrity-style upkeep. The low-maintenance person doesn’t purchase anything worth gawking over really. Isn’t that the point of being low maintenance…being cheap?

It’s been proven, shoppers prefer pricier merchandise. In addition and just like each industry; fashion, technology and beauty are motivated by supply and demand. The more customers spend, the higher prices will be. So, to your point, we are not validating the fact that “low maintenance individuals spend more overall”. See, I am not referring to money, or purchases. I’m referring to a state of mind and its benefits.

Have you decided to: go against the grain, swim upstream, or break the mold? Does your life exemplify one that blends in, and goes along to get along? Do you wear white cardigans in January even though popular society says, “no white in winter?” If you live in opposition of the majority, because you just don’t give a whoop, I’m not referring to you.

However, if you march to the beat of your own drum, bob your head to your own melody, or follow your own makeup tips and not the latest edition of Teen Mag; because you choose to, this article is for you.

It takes courage to step out of line, and break away from the normal. Not conforming to the attributes and characteristics of the crowd is what separates mediocrity from exceptionalism.

It has been my experience: people with high maintenance needs spend more, save less, are more likely to commit criminal activity, are extremely needy, and have the lowest self-esteem. On the contrary, those possessing a low maintenance mentality also exude high self-esteem. They do the little things it takes to stay healthy daily, don’t ask for permission to just chill and just be. These head strong people are at peace when they have to stand alone, but ensure stronger meaningful friendships when found. Their marriages last longer also. Low maintenance individuals possess a valuable and then costly life much more rewarding.

If you are inconsiderate of the status of your maintenance and just lazy, you’re not the low maintenance individual I am speaking of. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your motives for being low maintenance. To take it a step further, if you are what I call “dangerously” passive or callous to any kind of self-esteem, you should redefine what low maintenance means to you.

Seems like everyone runs to the department store after the new issue of Esquire or Vogue is distributed, or Sally’s after the Emmy’s is broadcast all in an effort to keep up with the trends. It never ceases to amaze. I always anticipate how many of those who will be dressed like Katy Perry or Taraji P. after they interview with Ellen. Being a supporter or a fan is great and all. However, promoting your favorite people doesn’t have to take the place of your identity.

I believe there is a psychology behind being low maintenance (or high maintenance). See, the point of the matter isn’t that they don’t require a lot. The greatness is they require less of the things that are without substance or none at all. This affords the low maintenance person time to devote to life’s essentials which matter the most.

Low maintenance people are confident. I mean the real confidence; the kind that will walk through fire without worrying about where the next burn will come from. They have to be in order to walk through the mass crowds of people who say, “What are you wearing, what’s that on your head, why are you not over here with the rest of us?”
Low maintenance people are humble, patient and content. For these reasons, I’d rather live with one, raise one, or even be someone who was low maintenance as opposed to someone who was not. Wouldn’t you?

One size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re high, low, or in the middle of maintenance hill, the important keynote is to BE that, because you confidently choose to be. When you do, the benefits of your decision will continue to be exceedingly rewarding. For those of you that think more fashion exemplifies more personality, let me share this with you: wealthy people are low maintenance. Check out the differences between being rich and being wealthy. Which one are you?