What It Feels Like To Get Jizzed On


Kind of awesome.

Like, really, really, awesome but also like the type of thing you shouldn’t use a more adult word than “awesome” to describe.

Physically, idk, it feels like someone shooting you with a squirt gun filled with hotter, more viscous water. Not super interesting but pleasant if you’re into sensation and not a neat freak who hates everything to begin with.

Mentally, it feels like being Cleopatra and ruling the entire free world with your sexuality.

I know a lot of women don’t like this and feel like it is degrading. They are entitled to whatever opinion they want to have about jizz, but I personally don’t understand it. They think it’s about men having power over women because they’re cumming on you. They forget that I am the one that is making them cum. They are the vulnerable ones, responding to my actions.

You can’t be degraded by something you are the catalyst of. Catalysts are powerful, sexy, macho.

In Egyptian mythology, there’s a god named Atum who was believed to have created the world by masturbating to orgasm. His ejaculate, essentially, was what we know as the universe. How would you like to be the woman who inspired the creation of the universe?

So, I guess that is how it feels to get jizzed on. As ridiculous as it is it’s also very earthy and enjoyable. You’ve got physical proof of your desirability, and it’s a bit intoxicating.

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