What It Means To Be In The ‘New Generation’ Of Women


As growing up in the subcontinent, being a women and being Muslim made me realize life is different for me. Life would not be fair; people would not treat me like everybody else. There is a difference, I am different.

Half my adolescent age was spent in the utter confusion of why I cannot do the same things that men do. Why they can drive home late and I cannot. Why dressing a certain way to certain places makes a difference. Why I have to protect myself for being merely a women. Why do I have to be cautious and for what.

These questions were frustrating and an everyday chore before leaving home. It was exhausting and at the same time it was liberating. It was liberating because of my father and I thank him for that. He made me question and reason as to why certain things are a certain way. Why doesn’t society object to it? Where is free will? Why am I different?

Every time we will sit and talk or fight or shout it made me realize, I am different. Not because I’m a women but because I question. Society doesn’t like women questioning. Women are looked a certain way and that’s how it is. Women are objects of attraction and that’s the highest honor a women can get and frankly speaking us women have accepted it.

We have evolved by making men the center of attention of our lives. By investing in the man you marry or love. By putting your life on hold until he can figure it out what he is doing. By waiting and accepting every mistake he makes because as long as he comes back to you he’s a keeper. But would he wait if you do the same thing. The answer to the question is “NO”, because society doesn’t expect him too.

If we do a Pre-Historical analysis of relationships, Adam and Eve were made for each other. Eve was created for Adam to love and cherish. To bear kids and take care of the family while Adam hunts for food. Now Adam hasn’t changed ever since then.

Eve has.

Eve has started going to work; Eve has started having opinions. Eve has started hunting. Eve has started picking kids up for school. Eve is basically supermom.

The need for a man has changed into a desire. Women stay with men out of choice not out of necessity. This transitioning phase of women in society especially in the subcontinent has become a raging house war, as women in the outer shell are appreciated for being strong willed and independent but where they are subjugated by the man in their lives they should move oceans for him.

It’s unfortunate and sad especially when you are among one those women in this society. I believe women change mindsets and set ideals in a society. They are the homemakers and the breadwinners. They are strength and beauty combined. They are ferocious creatures burning with fire inside.

So, let’s support one and other. Let build one and other. Let’s be women who would desire change and equality. Who will move oceans for each other, together with each other.