What It Means To Be Pure


I’ve found and felt what it means to be pure. I feel that it’s been hidden from the world, and has been buried underneath all that is corrupt. It doesn’t just mean one thing, it means many things. The vast value of this word doesn’t even come close to our understanding of it today, and has caused people to lose themselves. Somehow I discovered it was my favorite word, and have used it for a long time, before I even knew what it meant, but now I understand it, and I’m going to share it with the world today.

To be pure, is to not pollute your body with sin. Do what’s right because you know it’s right, and don’t let the temptations of the devil control you. Don’t be a slave to desire, but instead rise from it, gain control and try to keep moving in a positive direction. And as a plus, a positive example to those younger than you.

The bible referrers to love as patient in 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. Purity in this sense meaning love that is unselfish and true, holds, and waits till after marriage for sex. If done at the wrong time, it will corrupt you, and brainwash you into believing that love is something that is so much more simple and different than it truly is. It will both blind and restrict you from seeing and understanding what true love means. Sex before marriage is one of the most corrupting things that you can do to your Temple of the Holy Spirit, that is your body, which is to be respected, and filled with goodness, not sin.

To be pure means to be honest and truthful all throughout, from the core, to the surface. Don’t expect others to be a fool for your misleading looks and impressions, because the only one that’s really being a fool is you. All people are most beautiful as they naturally are, left untouched, and those who cover their skin, are hiding in a cave, in fear of thoughts of others, and living as slaves to what other people want to see them as. So they leave there house as somebody else instead. God given beauty is much more beautiful than anything we can cover it up with, and the moment you can learn to embrace that, is the moment you will feel invulnerable, and finally, what it means to feel truly beautiful.

To be pure is to have good intentions. Don’t be dishonorable to those in place of honor, and help those in place of need. Be respectful and put priorities ahead of personal interests. Focus on the future, and making your life a full one. Set goals, have dreams, and push forward until you’ve reached your goal.

To be pure is to be you, completely, but it takes commitment. It’s to be yourself when it comes to faith, because with faith comes invulnerability. It’s to be yourself in the way you present yourself, because in that comes beauty. It’s to not have sex until after marriage, because in that comes integrity. To be pure is to be yourself when it comes to fighting sin, and listening to what you believe is right over the devil instead. And to be pure is to be yourself when it comes to love, to discover the true placement of your heart, and to love the way you want to out loud, shameless. Love thrives within each and every single one of us. It helps to see beauty within our world, and is part of why we as humans are so blessed. And so when you can learn to follow all these things, may you be, in every sense of the word, pure.