What It Means To Be Worthy


Why do we spend so much time battling with ourselves about our own worthiness?

About what we deserve and don’t deserve.

As if ‘worthiness’ were something inherent, something inborn.

That you are given or not given.

The secret fears we carry about whether someone is too good for us, or whether we deserve the promotion, or whether we are the ‘kind of person who can [fill in the blank]’.

The answer is yes. You are that kind of person. Definitely. But only if you are humble enough to choose to be.

That’s it.

The only thing that makes us worthy are the choices we make.

You are worthy of any other human being’s love, if you are willing to take the steps to infuse love into their life.

You are worthy of your dream job if you are willing to do the work it takes to make it happen.

No one is born more worthy than another. And in that sense, we are entirely responsible for what we get out of life.

For the better and for the worse.

We don’t get to blame the gene pool or an abusive relative.

It would be nice to blame the cards we were dealt. But they’re just cards. That’s the beauty of them. You can keep the ones that serve you, pass on the ones that don’t.

You have just as much of a chance as anyone else.

If you would only choose to.

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