What It Means To Love A Girl Who Is Used To Taking Care Of Everyone Else


Your eyes give it away. I can see the eagerness in your eyes. I can see the adoration all over your face and body. I can see the nervousness that she must cause you with your endless fidgeting. I can see the excitement trying to break through in a giddy shriek but is restrained by a limited smile. A smile isn’t enough. A smile doesn’t capture the breadth of emotions you are feeling. You want to shout out to the entire world. You want to jump up and down like you did as a child upon hearing amazing news. And she is amazing isn’t she? The one you clearly are infatuated with must be of some extraordinary qualities to be the source of all these sentiments. But there is one particular quality of hers that you must handle with great consideration and that is her selfless heart.

The largest organ in her body is her heart. Now, I know you may scorn this fact as impossibility but this heart of hers is a medical exception, a wonder even. Her heart is inflated with an unusual degree of compassion. While others may be apprehensive of such degree of kindness, she remains unfathomed and chooses to love unconditionally.

You will count many blessings by having a girl like her by your side. A girl with a selfless heart like hers is a lottery acquisition that will leave you dismayed over and over as you contemplate how lucky you truly are. You will never have to entertain the misery of navigating life alone. She will be right there next to you rectifying any feelings of despair with her unyielding spirit. When illness comes, she will shove it to extinction with her arsenal of remedies. When the cold or flu keeps you in bed, she will bring you her homemade soup and a lifetime supply of vitamin C to resurrect you from the dead. When work or school stresses you to exhaustion, she will be your sympathetic ear. When tragedy knocks you off your feet, when you lose a family member or friend, when you get fired or lose everything you owned in a disaster, she will be there next to you helping in any and every capacity. Whether its trivial struggles or life’s greatest trials, she will always be there next to you as a beacon of hope.

But even hope doesn’t come without a price. Blessings of any sort carry some degree of risk. There is risk with choosing to love someone of such generosity. There will be challenges you must consider in loving a girl who is used to taking care of everyone else. She might be scarred by past experiences where her generosity was exploited. She might be marked by the ungratefulness of others who took advantage of her kindness and left a sour taste in her mouth. She may have hardened as a result. It may be hard for her to let others. It may be hard to her to admit to vulnerability. It may be hard for her to acknowledge that she may need that same degree of compassion and care that she freely gives out.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when these challenges arise. A girl who is used to caring for everyone else finds her way back even in her darkest moments. The detour will be momentary. She will just need you to be patient and help bring her back. Steer her in the direction of recovery. Care for her to the same extent if not more than she gives to you and others. Shower her with selfless love and remind her of the fundamental truth that girls like her often forget – that she too deserves to be taken care of.