What It Means To Trust Yourself After Getting Away From A Toxic Relationship


Trusting yourself after getting away from a toxic relationship will be very difficult in the beginning.

There will be nights when you will be left alone in your own thoughts and blame yourself for the decisions you made in picking the wrong person. You will harshly judge yourself for being too much of a martyr to stay in a bad relationship. You will regret not walking away when you had the opportunity to leave early on.

You will have moments when you will remember how someone ruined you, brought out the worst in you, and took away a part of yourself that you’ve never given to anyone before.

You will remember the fights, the disagreements, the betrayals, the lies, the cheating. You will remember the tears you shed, the anger you suppressed, the pain you buried in your heart, and the hurtful words you heard.

Then, you will realize how vain you were to believe that you could change a person, fix that person, and save that person from being troubled.

But as time goes by, when your wounds are slowly healing, you will learn to forgive yourself. You will learn that mistakes are part of your growth as a human being. You will finally accept yourself after going through so many disappointments. You will make peace with your past and choose to move on.

And you will try to trust yourself again.

But trusting yourself again after getting away from a toxic relationship doesn’t mean you’re going to completely forget the situations you put yourself into. Rather, trusting yourself means being extra careful this time around with the people you welcome in your life.

Trusting yourself means building those walls up, brick by brick, to where they used to be.

Trusting yourself means giving yourself a second chance to make things right.

Trusting yourself means knowing exactly what you want, and deserve, then go after it.

You get picky in choosing someone whom you know will not hurt you. You raise your standards in settling for a relationship that will make you feel safe, secured, and comfortable. You only chase something that will fill your soul with satisfaction, and your heart with pure happiness.

You trust yourself to determine the difference between a love that’s temporary and a love that’s bound to last a lifetime.

You trust yourself to be brave enough to immediately walk away from someone who brings you physical and emotional sufferings.

You trust yourself not to be impulsive when you’re lonely.

You trust yourself to never hurry in searching for a person you want to be in a relationship with.

You become a stronger person right now because of a toxic relationship. You grow more guarded in entrusting your trust. You are more aware of someone’s intention. You have developed the ability to smell deception, detect lies, and know when something is wrong. You follow and trust your gut more.

Trusting yourself after getting away from a toxic relationship is like redemption for you to prove to yourself, and to the world, that you have learned so much in your past.

It’s showing to the person who broke you that you are a warrior for surviving the heartache that he or she gave to you.

Trusting yourself after getting away from a toxic relationship means you are giving yourself the permission to share your heart with someone new.

You are fully aware that you might get hurt again, but you choose to love anyway, because loving someone is, and will always be, worth the risk.