What It Means When You’re An ‘Okay’ Kind Of Love


Life hands you lots of things. Job opportunities, trips abroad that you win in a raffle, a free bottle of wine because you were the 100th person in the store today. Many things show up in front of us without us asking for them. Perhaps the most wonderful of these surprises is people. We rarely plan who we’re going to cross paths with in life and we can rarely tell how these people are going to affect us.

What fascinates me the most about this is that there are a rare few who stay with us for what feels like forever. People whose memories and words will never leave us. Some people continue to live with us long after they exited our own story.

On the other hand there are some people, great wonderful people, people you love and laugh with, but when your paths change direction for whatever reason, you are not left with a hole where their smile used to be. You might feel a twinge, a twist in your gut for a day or two because they were a person who reminded you of things you thought you’d forgot, or they showed you a new way to view the color blue, a fresh way to listen to the old classics. They brought you stories and laughs and for a brief few moments you forgot that you didn’t actually see a whole lot of potential with them.

See, sometimes you just go along for the ride, to see the scenery with them for a change.

And sometimes that’s not a futile idea. You were not a bad idea.

It’s like a movie.

You know when you’re at home, watching a movie and then about 10 minutes in you start to look at your phone. You continue to leave the movie on because you’re kind of curious as to how it will all end. But somehow by the time the end actually arrives you’ve lost all interest in how it actually does end. That doesn’t mean it was a bad movie, you can see how some people would love it. There were parts of the movie that you really understood, you really watched and you laughed and maybe, just maybe for a split second you felt something, but then the next scene came and you looked back at your phone. You slightly followed the plot but you didn’t really care how it was going to end because you knew by then that this wasn’t going to be your kind of movie. This movie was never going to stain you or change you whole view in the same way you favorite movies did. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t watch it again. Maybe soon, maybe in years to come or maybe never again. But you’ll remember, if someone brings it up you’ll flashback and say, “Oh yeah, I remember that.” You might only remember one or two things. Maybe the protagonists little quirks or the heartbreakers real problems.

It was an okay movie, it just wasn’t yours.

In the same way, you were an okay kind of love, you just weren’t mine.