What It Really Means To Be The Person Who Travels


For some, it’s just a nine-letter word. For others, it’s a form of existence. For the people who have yet to experience it, you probably will not be able to comprehend the process of traveling. And for the ones who have lived it, there’s no reason for me to explain it’s magic.

So what is this ‘traveling’ thing everyone raves about?

Well, let me tell you.

Traveling is life. It’s experiencing this world to the complete fullest, and putting yourself in new situations you’ve never dreamed of before. To travel is to breathe in the air of unimaginable places, taking in all the beauty the world has to offer. It’s blissful days spent on beaches, and sleepless nights spent under the stars.

Traveling is unpredictable. It’s ending up in places you’ve never expected, with unimaginable people. It’s going to new heights, just to enjoy the view. It’s jumping out of airplanes and intentionally falling off cliffs. It’s conquering your fears, and proving you are unstoppable. Limitless. Infinite.

Traveling is realizing the true size of this earth; absorbing the beautiful planet that surrounds you. It will shrink the importance of your problems. It will help you realize how insignificant your troubles truly are. It’s receiving passport stamps in hopes of gaining new perspectives, and roaming around the lands of unknown. Boundlessness. To travel is to get lost in a new city, and find yourself in unforgettable places.

Traveling is uncomfortable. It will take away your luxuries at home and cause you to crave things you use to take for granted. It involves 10-hour bus rides and 17-hour plane journeys; sleeping wherever you can get a little shut-eye. To travel is to live out of suitcases and backpacks, carrying around only what you need. Priceless. Irreplaceable. It will strip money from its value. It’s being broke and jobless, while also being careless.

Traveling equals freedom. Doing whatever you want entirely for yourself. It’s taking a break from everything to focus solely on yourself. It’s being disconnected from the world, only to allow yourself to completely be present in a moment. It’s learning to appreciate the present, while forgiving the past and forgetting about the future.

Traveling is stimulating. It’s eating scorpions in Thailand and drinking freshly squeezed orange juice in Portugal. It’s savoring different foods from all over the world; exhaling the aromas of dissimilar cuisines. To travel is to hear the sounds of new languages, and submerge yourself in new cultures. It’s feeling the breeze of foreign places and embracing the familiarity of old ones.

Traveling will destroy the person you use to be to help create whomever you were meant to become. It’s letting go of your past, moving on from everything that has ever hurt you. It’s coming to peace with what life has put you through, while learning to forgiving yourself for everything you have done wrong. Travel is a new start. It’s inventing a fresh perspective on the world. To travel is to release all the fears and doubts you pointlessly carry around with you.

Traveling is like a drug, forming an addiction that controls your entire being. It will rob you of your past life, and control your future one. It will take every penny from you, but give you irreplaceable experiences instead. You will become high off of life, causing you to crave its ecstasy once you’re back at home.

Traveling is selfish. It’s finally putting your own needs before everyone else’s. It’s being completely reckless, and losing yourself in the best possible way. It’s searching for something you never knew existed, while running towards finding pieces of your newfound self. It’s always wanting to runaway and exploring new places. To travel is to wandering aimlessly. It’s spontaneous trips to unforeseen destinations. It’s waking up to watch the sunrises at 4 am, and partying all throughout the night.

Traveling is finding love in new places and people. It’s falling in love with someone you’ve just met. Pure lust. It’s never being able to look at the world the same, and believing everything and anything is possible. It’s taking life for everything it has to offer. Breathtaking moments. Unforgettable memories. Truly eye-opening. It’s the rush of taking off, and that stunning view from the airplane window. To travel is to literally be on top of the world. It’s crossing multiple boarders and numerous seas. It’s falling in and out of love in days, while creating everlasting connections all over the globe. It’s meeting unforgettable people who will forever change your life. It’s countless hellos and heartbreaking goodbyes.

Traveling is anything you want it to be.

You create your own rules to this thing called ‘life’, because traveling has no rules. No time limits. No expiration dates. No commitments. It’s the act of embracing change, letting go of expectations. It’s accepting things for what they actually are. It’s chasing dreams and planes.

To travel is to live.

And with all that said; traveling is indescribable.