What It Really Means To Love An Introvert


You are constantly wondering what goes on in her mind because she rarely speaks her thoughts in public places or even not-so-public places. She doesn’t do small talk with people she doesn’t know and has at least 100 unread messages. But just because she keeps to herself doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the most beautiful and creative mind, she is smart beyond her years, and you can see it from the twinkle in her eyes.

You love that it is a constant mystery as to what goes on her mind. You understand that she would much rather prefer to stay in and watch Netflix than go out to a dinner party. You respect her independence and love her for her silence. You love the calm and peaceful aura that she craves every day. You find her quietness beautiful and you never get annoyed with her when she doesn’t give her opinion straight away.

If you love an introvert, truly love her, you are likely to bring over takeout food, with a smile on your face as she grins when she opens the door. You are happy to sit in silence with her as her headphones are in and you read your book. You enjoy the quiet car rides, the only communication between the two of you being her hand on yours as you drive. You give her space even when she doesn’t ask for it so that she is able to determine how much space she likes and needs. When in public settings you have your arm around her and quietly chat in her ear so that she never has to engage with the bigger group.

If you love an introvert and are loved in return, you are lucky. You will live in a very respectful and peaceful space filled with love and understanding.

Ultimately, loving an introvert means understanding an introvert and admiring her for her differences.