What It Was Like Having Writer’s Block For An Entire Year


Writing is so much more than getting pieces published and making money and writing books. Writing is about emotionally investing yourself into an art, putting every real thought you have on paper and then letting people relate to it and I went an entire year that writing just didn’t feel that way, it didn’t feel right. Like I wasn’t doing my journal any justice.

It’s because I lacked inspiration to write. I was in a good place in life, but I was stable. I had no real, deep emotions to put on paper so when I wrote it lacked that the one thing everyone needed in order to relate to it.

Although 2017 was one of the best years of my life, I wasn’t in the mindset to write. I was too busy focusing on my job and I was getting my life together because I had spent my 19 years on earth living freely, with my hair down and no cares to give. Last year was my year to finally get my life together and set myself up for my future.

I was too focused on work and no play that I stopped finding music that made me feel something, I stopped reading poetry. I had put writing on hold. I tried to write, I truly did, but it was just emotionless and no one could relate. It sucked staring at paper with no thoughts in mind, paper that seemed foreign even though I had once found it so familiar.

I would try so hard to think of something to write about and it was stressful. I felt so forced like I HAD to write when writing used to be something I WANTED to do.

My writer’s block was a creative strain on my life and it feels so good to once again, be familiar with blank paper and mechanical pencils.