What It’s Like Dating A Fixer-Upper


Everyone has been here or if you haven’t, you will be. You meet someone and they are so broken and so beautiful that all you want is to put them back together. Their history is long and deep. Their sorrows extend for miles. Their tragedy comes up at them in waves, crashing down, threatening to drown them in an instant. The danger and terror is enough to make anyone dizzy. Slowly you fall into them. You fall into their history and vow to create a happier future. You decide that you will be the cure to their damages and their heartache.

But that is a job that one person cannot handle on their own. You will compromise your needs and desires for theirs. They want to go out and drink on a Tuesday? Who cares if you have class, they NEED you. They call you at 3 AM drunk and sad? Get dressed and race to their side. They think you are better than them because you’re younger and educated and in a better place in your life? Reassure them on a constant basis that you’re not. That you care. Because to date a fixer upper is to constantly reassure them. Even when they are the ones that tell you to fall in love with them and then two weeks later tell you they don’t want you.

There are some damages that cannot be fixed by love, some insecurities that run so deep that no hugs or kisses could possibly solve. And in the end, the only person who is really worse for wear is you. You tried to fix someone and in the end all you did was rack up your own set of damages. But don’t worry, someone will fail to fix you, too.

image – Shutterstock