What It’s Like To Lose The Woman Who Completes You


Being faithful is difficult for most men. There is always temptation, even when you’re not actively looking to have sex outside the relationship. Your girlfriend is gorgeous—but if you happen to meet a girl with bigger boobs, you might not be able to resist engaging her in conversation. You might be tempted to text her, ask her out for drinks, and spend the night with her.

The life of a player is fun, easy, and exhilarating. That’s the way life should be, right?

Not exactly. At least not if you’re with the woman who completes you.

When you first meet the woman who completes you, you’ll be dazzled by everything about her. You’ll be excited to go out on dates because she’s so much fun. You’ll laugh at her jokes, even when she was poking fun at you.

Soon enough, after you’ve kissed a few times, something will seem different with this one. As your lips gently graze hers, you’ll feel a surge of passion. You’ll pause for a moment before unbuttoning her shirt and look into her eyes. When you unhook her bra, things will really begin to intensify. You’ll make love and unearth boundless emotions. Then she’ll lay there, satiated, and you will both feel complete.

As time passes, you will fall madly in love with her. She will invest in your potential, learn your insecurities, and remain unfailingly loyal. You’ll get married and have beautiful (mainly because of her genes) children. You’ll make an effort to help her achieve her goals and she’ll reciprocate the kindness. There will be times when life is frustrating and you’re not in a position to solve each other’s problem. But you will calm each other down, understanding each other’s frustrations, providing each other with unconditional support. Your reciprocal encouragement will make all the difference.

As time passes, however, she might get sick—really sick. As the pain ravishes her body and she writhes in agony, you’ll feel weak. As she loses weight it will affect your appetite, so you’ll lose weight too. Now, more than ever, you’ll want to act strong—to show her you’re the man she fell in love with. So you’ll bring her flowers to cheer her up, kiss her on the forehead to reassure her, and try to make her smile in spite of the pain.

A few weeks later, you might find yourself standing at her grave. You’ll wear dark glasses, and as the memories resurface, the tears will inevitably slide down your cheeks. You will try to be stoic, to control your tears, but when the coffin is lowered into the ground, the convulsions will overtake you and you’ll let it all out.

Not a day will pass that you don’t think about her. When you’re deeply in love with someone, being without them is the most painful experience possible. Your heart will ache perpetually, and you’ll be unable to sleep or focus. Life will not be the same.

Death is inevitable and one person in every happy couple has to go first. Unfortunately, whatever pain the first to die suffers, the pain of living alone after knowing great love is worse.