What Kind Of Love You’re Destined To Have, Based On Your Favorite Disney Film


It’s impossible to predict the future. Of course, the types of couples you find cute can give you an idea of what type of relationship you’re going to end up in. This is what kind of love you’re destined to have, based on your favorite Disney film from the 90s.

Beauty And The Beast

To you, love is blind. That’s why biceps and a nice beard won’t convince you to sleep with someone. Good looks aren’t enough. You want someone you can have an actual conversation with. Someone who respects your intelligence and sees you as more than just a warm body. That’s why you’re never going to experience superficial love. You’re going to wait for someone who’s actually worth your time and energy, and end up with everlasting love.


You’re a strong supporter of the idea that opposites attract. After all, you don’t want to date someone just like you. You’d never get along with yourself. You want someone completely and utterly different. Someone who will help you see the world in an entirely new way. Even though you won’t have much in common with the love of your life, you’ll still have plenty to talk about, because you’ll constantly be teaching each other new things.

The Lion King

You’re going to end up dating your best friend. Someone who can make you laugh with just one look. Someone who’s not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. You two will stay together forever, because you’ll be more than just a couple. You’ll also be best friends. That friendship is what’s going to keep your love alive for decades.


You try way too hard to impress others, which is funny, because most people would prefer the real you to the “you” you pretend to be. But if you put an end to the charade, then it won’t be long until you find someone who genuinly loves you. So stop thinking so low of yourself. You’re a real catch. If you make a promise to remain honest with your future partner, then the love that you find will last a lifetime.


You’re not the type to eat a five course meal by candlelight. Your idea of romance is going bowling and then washing off your sweat in the shower together. That’s why you won’t lose your independence once you find the love of your life. Sure, you’ll move in together and exchange mushy vows on your wedding day, but you’ll also give each other space, so you don’t feel smothered. You’ll both be capable of taking care of yourselves, which should keep your relationship healthy. But even if the love eventually fades away, you’re as strong as they come, so you’ll be fine.


The man of your dreams might be right under your nose, but maybe you already know that. Maybe you’ve been pining over him for a while, but assume that he doesn’t feel the same. Well, that’s okay, because you’re the type of woman who sneaks up on people. One day, he’s going to notice how amazing you are and be pissed at himself for not realizing it sooner. So don’t give up hope. You have to be patient if you want the love you deserve.

A Bug’s Life

You’re going to end up with someone you’ve always thought was way out of your league. But once you get them alone, you’ll realize how perfect you are for each other. You won’t even have to fight for their affection. They’ll instantly like you as much as you like them. As long as you remember that you’re equals, and don’t continue to put them on a pedestal, then your relationship will work out.


You don’t care what your brain, your gut, or your parents try to tell you. You always listen to your heart. Sometimes, that ends up screwing you over, but one day, it’ll pay off. One day, you’ll meet someone who will look like the wrong choice for you, but will actually be your knight in shining armor. It won’t matter what the rest of the world thinks about your relationship. As long as you’re happy, you won’t give a fuck about what they say.

Toy Story

You don’t mind being single, because you realize that romantic love isn’t any more special than the love between friends. As long as you have buddies who will drink beer with you and watch old Disney movies on your couch, then who cares if you have someone to share your bed with? You know how lucky you are to have such sweet friends, so you aren’t going to complain about being single. You already have enough love in your life.