What Love Does To Me


I don’t think I’m very good at many things in this world. In all honesty, I believe I am rather sub-par in almost every aspect of my life. It sounds depressing but I have more than accepted it. I can succeed and do pretty well in some areas but all in all, I wouldn’t call myself extraordinary in any way except one.

Something I am good at: Love. I am good at love.

I love to love someone and even more than that, I need to love. Love makes my life complete in every way. When I love someone, the world just makes sense to me.

I’m a person who can find a lot of joy in a lot of ordinary things, without the need for fantastic spectacles or ostentatious displays. I can find beauty in the presence of a cloudy sky, or the scent of the rain. As a writer, I’ve always been very aware in that sense. But I’m never wholly and utterly happy unless I have love.

Some may call my need for love ridiculous. I’ve heard it a thousand different ways: you don’t need another person in your life to make you happy or feel whole. And I agree! Some people are totally happy and do not need to go through life with someone holding their hand. That’s great! I applaud the ability to do that. However, many people find that it is their destiny to love and be loved.

And that is my destiny. Because love changes me in the best way possible. When I love someone there’s no questioning it.

It’s not always evident on social media, but rather obvious when you look me in the eyes. You can see the twinkle of love, glistening with childlike wonder somewhere in my deep oceans of blue.

When I love someone, the world ceases to exist while I am in their presence. All that I see are the stars that light up their soul and all that I hear are the angels that sing in my heart. I am paralyzed by the radiance they exude.

When I love someone, it’s beautifully simple. I don’t engage in silly mind games or indulge in petty arguments. And even under the unfortunate circumstance in which a disagreement is sparked, my heart is too much filled with overwhelming admiration and adoration to let it affect me for long.

When I love someone, I cry. I cry because for so long I was unaware that this world could offer me such emotional ecstasy. I weep for the people who will never feel the encouraging warmth of a dream turned into a reality. I shed tears for the beautiful words my soul has been serenaded by.

When I love someone, I am grateful every day that I was given the opportunity to belong to someone else. I savor every touch that soars me beyond the realm of my simple existence and helps me believe in the tangibility of love. I relish in the gentle comfort of their lips pressed against mine and the sweet taste of reciprocated bliss.

I love with all my heart but with no conditions.

When I love someone, I am a better person. I smile wider, laugh meaningfully and sing without fear of judgment.

I am softened by the electric shock of mutual attraction. I compliment without hesitation and praise with painful sincerity. I care with every ounce of my being. I care about the smallest and most insignificant details, because at the end of the day they are the things that mean the most.

When I love someone, I give my all, which makes getting hurt so much more painful. But even in the darkest depths of heartbreak, love is worth it. Because to me, being in love makes life spectacular.

I was given the ability to fall in love so deeply: one of the many things that being heartbroken taught me. And I am unbelievably grateful for that.

When I love someone, it is the most magical, beautiful, awe-inspiring experience and I can only hope that in my life someone will love me in the exact same way.