What No One Tells You About Love


I fell in love when I was seventeen. It happened slowly at first. And then the hand holding turned into something deeper. The smiles turned into something bigger. The kisses became sacred. The love became real. And being in love became my reality. But it wasn’t an ordinary love, it was extraordinary.

I began to look at life differently as seasons changed and years passed when I was with him. I became more confident because someone was confident in me. I became beautiful because he saw that I was and I believed him. We weren’t just each other’s stars, we were each other’s galaxies. We lifted each other so high up that the moon was probably jealous of the planets we could reach. We told each other it was going to be forever. And I knew it was going to be forever. He did too. Until it wasn’t.

The thing that no one tells you about love is that sometimes love is not enough. It’s never enough even if it’s the strongest thing in the world. Because even if you know you want forever with him and he wants forever with you, it can’t work. What no one tells you about love is that sometimes you come apart. And it’s not your fault or his fault or the worlds’ fault. It’s timing, it’s school, it’s distance, it’s everything else. And it hurts. In every cell and atom in your body, you hurt and ache for him. You want his touch and taste. You need him like you need water and oxygen but it’s too late now. And maybe it was supposed to happen. Maybe that person wasn’t meant to be in your life forever. And it’s ok. You’re going to be ok.

Because what no one tells you about love, is that it’s going to happen again. And one day unexpectedly, you’re going to hold hands with a stranger. You’re going to kiss him on the second date. And when you fall for him, you are never going to hit the ground. Because even though sometimes love isn’t enough, it will be one day.