What The Brokenhearted Have Often Wanted To Say


People accept the love they think they deserve. I met you when I was lost and vulnerable, and since then, I have somehow accepted the disrespectful way you treat me, meanwhile I constantly supported and defended you. I now know how wrong I was and I regret how long it took me to fully grasp the situation. I was blinded by the glimpses of good that would shine through on occasion, turning my back on the constant affirmation that this behavior was fleeting and rare. I am done settling for this hurtful behavior and hope that you will someday be able to grow up and be a more thoughtful and considerate person. I wish you could see me now, and who I am. You turned me into a monster, a person I don’t even recognize. And for what? Most of my memories are of the heartbreak and torture; the moments where you truly outdid yourself, and I felt like I was physically punched in the stomach. Your ability to surprise me with what you were capable of would literally take the breath out of my lungs. And now I know. I look back and see how stupid I was for wasting so much time. I wish you could see me now; maybe you would have treated this person differently.