What The Fuck Is The Deal With People Who Have Their Read Receipts On


People With Their Read Receipts On (PWTRRO): what is going on? Are you deranged? Who hurt you? Why are you the worst type of person in the texting community?

I almost always threatening to smash my phone over certain texting faux pas (people who use “lol” after every sentence, people who can’t pick up on contextual sarcasm, people who conclude texts with periods, Android users) but the Holy Grail of Terrible People has got to be PWTRRO.

What are you trying to prove, you sociopaths?

Look, everyone is ignoring everyone. Nobody is talking, communication doesn’t exist anymore. It’s over. That’s fine. And I am a huge supporter of reading texts and then forgetting to respond for several days. You bet I’ll shoot off a series of texts and then immediately fall asleep before the person can answer. I’m a monster and do little to nothing to change any of it.

But nothing drives me more insane than discovering for the first time that the person I’m texting has their read receipts on. Why are you subjecting me to this nonsense? Ignore my messages behind my back like a functioning member of society, you psychos.

PWTRRO have their own circle in hell—along with people who FaceTime out of the blue, people who try to make small talk over text, and overactive group text participants.


And what kind of sadistic phone feature is this? Who approved this?