What To Expect When Letting Go


In the midst of letting go, you desire, very strongly, to stay the same. It’s just how life goes. You become comfy and cozy and you forget there’s a whole world out there waiting for you to explore. Baby, there are opportunities waiting for you to open yourself up to them. The world is beautiful, broad, and spacious. Let go of what is keeping you stagnant. You are a human. You can get used to anything; you were born to explore!

In the midst of letting go, you crave attention from those you’re letting go of. Situations. Jobs. Relationships. Even though it’s something you know you have to do. You’ve made your mind up and no one can convince you otherwise. Even still, you want what you’re walking away from to miss, grieve, and dread your leaving. It lets us know we’ve affected others. So yes, it’s normal to want your ‘aint shit’ ex-boyfriend to be sad because ‘feel the burn!’ It’s normal to want your boss to have a hard time replacing you. Your life is changing and you want to know things will be different for others when you’re gone.

In the midst of letting go, the fear that takes over your body is completely paralyzing. Spiritual bypassers will tell you to just let go and everything will be okay. Yes, that becomes true eventually. Initially, the fear of the unknown is debilitating. The world is big and spacious, but also dangerous and risky. It takes bravery, courage, intelligence, and true observation skills to adapt to the unfamiliar. It will be scary at every step. As soon as you get your standing from the first knock out, life hits you again. Good thing you’ve been through enough to not only fight the fear and survive—you will thrive, and it will be amazing.

Letting go frees you from all attachments. Attachment is the root of all suffering. Attachment to an idea, a person, a thought, a job, will in the long term make you suffer. When you let go, you are practicing gratitude. You are telling life, ‘Thank you, next.’ Thank you for teaching me to fly and giving me the space to spread my wings. Letting go provides you with the freedom to learn, grow, believe, conquer, and love.