What We Had Was Real No Matter What They Say


What we had was real.

Was it a mess? Certainly

But does that change the fact that we loved each other the best we could?

From my end, I definitely tried. I can honestly say that I was ready to have that happily ever after with you. I loved you more than my heart could bear… No words could truly express how much I cared about you.

Trust me, I tried writing it all down, but all that was left was my heart beating rapidly every time I thought of you, every time I smelled your cologne, every time you came even a little bit close to me.

Our story didn’t start off the way it should have but that’s what made us unique. I still remember that night we spent in your car, we went from mere acquaintance to something neither of us expected. One touch, one look, one kiss and the rest was history.

Too bad it had to end tragically.

For months it felt like I had to defend what I knew was real; from my family, from yours, from our friends, and sadly even from you. You were mine and I was yours.

When we were together nothing else mattered. We had problems, yes, but everything faded away the moment you held me.

What we had was real. The pain, the tears, the joy, the love, the loss, all of it was real. We were definitely a mess but I was your mess and you were mine. Just because people don’t understand what we had doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

They don’t know what we did when we were an us; they don’t know the way you would look at me when you would say you love me; the way our fingers intertwined perfectly. The day you taught me how to drive a car manually and failed miserably, they don’t know the way we would look at each other from across the room or the kiss that’d make our knees weak. They couldn’t possibly understand what the number seventeen could simply signify. They don’t know because they weren’t there and we shouldn’t have to justify the feelings we felt.

But I get their anger because I felt it too…
I didn’t expect to see you with her…
And they didn’t too.

Nobody knows what truly happened but what they do know is they see a girl trying to put on a brave smile, they see a girl wiping away that pesky tear that couldn’t help but fall down her cheek, they see a girl’s demeanor change drastically, and they can’t help but wonder what had conspired between us.

You were my love, you were my best friend, and for a moment I thought I was yours too.

It’s not every day you find out that your best friend is in love with another girl. It’s not every day you learn that the person you trusted with your heart carelessly shattered it to a billion pieces.

You know what the saddest part of all of this? Despite everything I still love you.