What We Mean When We Say That Love Is Forever


I think that the only thing that’s unstoppable right now is time. It keeps on running no matter what happens — people die, time will keep ticking; people live, it still goes on. They always say that when we fall in love, everything would be magical; every motion will be slowed down just like how the movies show it. That If love is really real and strong, time will freeze…forever.

But hell, I don’t believe it.

Perhaps, people just love to sugarcoat the poignant reminders existing in reality. To lessen the excruciating agony of things that’s why we always tend to submit all the responsibility of healing to time — the only lucky talisman we have to help us move on without getting into trouble.

Well, maybe forever is real. Maybe it could be in a way that no living creature would justify its realness for we have always lived on a make-believe world. And maybe forever is so exceptionally long that no other people would dare wait for its end because we are tutored to replace things that are not here to stay. And maybe forever is the only real thing we would never afford so we made a new version of it that we can use to describe the extreme feeling at that certain time. Except ours — the manmade forever, what we think forever is — has an expiration date, and can be gone even in the most intense moments of our lives.

“Forever,” “ever after,” “infinity” and all the likes — they have been the language we used in our vows when we felt the strong rush of emotions within us. The words we often say, so often that we never notice that the meaning has begun to be nullified. Until all of it will be just like smoke from a just-lit cigarette — nothing significant but a plain, hot air coming from one’s mouth.

And so it boils down to us, those of us who are in love with sugarcoating. We use “forever” to sweeten the numbered days to feel the intensity as if at any point from now, a quake will happen to denigrate the word. Then forever is gone. We promise forever for a long night where the moon stands along the stars knowing in a few hours, the sun will shine and they will fade. And forever is gone again. We swore that forever will be forever but we just always watch it end.

featured image – Brittani Lepley