What Would Happen When the Earth Stops Spinning


And suddenly, I could feel it. I could feel the blood running through my veins and could hear my hair growing thicker through my scalp; slowly, yet surely, I was becoming more aware. I could pay attention to the transient moment the longest arm on the clock took to rest between seconds. I could recognize what type of flower was finding its way through the soil before it knew it itself. And as I took one step after the other, I could feel the earth moving under my feet. Suddenly, I could feel it and I was at home.

Then, not even a split second afterwards, the height of my senses disappeared and I was left in a pool of oblivion. Or maybe, the earth stopped rotating and revolving. As my thoughts progressed to how ridiculous of an idea that is, an object emitted sounds of a tilt and a thud throughout the house. My head snapped towards the direction of the reverberation and it was just a book that fell out of place. I huffed out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

Once again, the hurdling thought of the earth being interrupted of its axis was able to cross my mind again. What would happen when the earth stops spinning? The first thing I was able to ponder about was whether time would stop or not.

Objects once in motion would not halt altogether to conform to the earth’s movement, causing events to probably spiral out of control. Buildings would collapse on one another and we’d be pulled to one direction by the force of gravity. An image appeared in my head: an image of hundreds of people tripping over their own feet and their bodies colliding against the grappling concrete as they tried to latch on to something, anything — but to no use. Everything was beginning to fall apart and it was impossible for anyone to even confide in what usually and secretly held them together.

If the earth stood still, would that mean all other planets in the solar system would adapt to its actions? Maybe that would result in each having a different form of The End that no one in this galaxy or this dimension would be able to write and read about.

Then there’s the sun. The sun would either watch all these events unfold, or assist in the destruction of some — maybe by exposing the earth to too many rays and too much heat which would only speed up the process of our story concluding.

Behind the mountains and under our sky, the sun could be sensed to have roared out in frustration as it brought our world down. As it all began crumbling away, the shouts of fear and desperation sent out a tacit understanding between everyone that spoke for itself: it’s over. Within seconds of being aware of that, it was as if the past did not matter anymore and all those innovations and fairytales would matter just as much as the next one — the non-existing next one.

That would be how our story would conclude. I looked at the book again as it sat there irritably still. I let myself relax again, because it seemed as though today was not the day. Falling back against the couch again, my mind began wandering off into a land consisting of rambling thoughts of time and the final frontier as I went back to feeling the blood run through my veins.