What Would You Do If Your Bank Accidentally Deposited $31,000 Into Your Account?


I’m asking…for a friend. Just kidding friends. It did happen though! But, first a mini-rant on banks. Like the average Gen Y, I hate banks. Well except for Simple Bank. But every time I have to do anything remotely related to being inside a bank, talking to a banker, dealing with bankers, I am on edge. One time I deposited a “larger than usual” check into my main checking account but couldn’t access it for three days because it was “clearing.” Like, how can we go to the moon and back but you need three days to clear a check? And anyone who’s ever been broke, knows this Louis C.K. skit all too well.

Overall, I guess I don’t really trust banks. I think they’ve screwed a ton of people over and I think they charge you for the most absurd shit ever. $20 maintenance fee, for example. Like what the hell are you maintaining you POS? Anyway, now that I’ve ranted for a little bit, I want to know: What would you do if your bank accidentally deposited $31,000 into your account? Why am I asking? Because according to this news story, it happened to a teen in Georgia. And the kid apparently went on a $5,000 shopping spree and withdrew $20,000 in cash. According to the kid, he believed it was his inheritance from his grandmother. (Suuuuuuure kid) According to the bank, the kid is lying through his teeth and they want the money back. According to the law, the kid will likely have to pay it back.

Now while I try to be a fair and objective person who tries to have integrity and ideals that are pretty high, I’m not quite sure how I’d react. Because I despise banks to the point where my honest initial reaction to the news story was, “Good for the kid.” Of course the better part of me said, “Kovie, that’s awful. He should return the money.” But honestly, it’s a bank – part of an industry that has really become an enemy of the people, and of progress.

And don’t cite me on this, but I did have a Business and Law concentration in undergrad, but didn’t the rule used to be it had to be more than $50,000 for the money to be returned if it’s the fault of the bank? Or at least a figure that was higher than $31,000? I believe only recently the FDIC changed their regulations and in recent cases, the law has sided with banks. Which is of course, a damn shame.

I guess the first thing I’d honestly do is call up the best lawyer I know and see if I can keep it. And you know what? It wouldn’t ONLY be because of the money – but let’s face it, that is at least 70% of the reason because come on, it’s 31 grand. 30% of the reason would be to spite the bank. I know I should be a better person than this but even Jesus knew financiers were shady in his day. Okay, truth is, even as a grown-ass adult, my mum would probably make me return all of it. 🙁

But what would you do if 31,000 magically appeared in your bank account? And what do you think of the teen’s actions? Who is to blame here? Should the bank get the money back?