What You Have To Remember About Having A Crush


It’s easy to get caught up in a crush, but we all tend to forget the pressing matter at hand.

It’s only a crush.

It starts with physical attraction. You like the color of their eyes and the way their hair does that one thing literally every time. But then you start to notice their quirks and you are suddenly aware of the cute face they make before they speak. They start to grow on you. When you smell their laundry detergent on someone else, you don’t think, “Oh hey, that smells clean.” Instead you think of your crush, and their eyes, and hair, and voice, and when anyone mentions anything about feelings in general, you have a specific name in mind.

Every time it feels better than before. Somehow the butterflies are bigger and the knots are tied so tightly that you can’t imagine them to ever become undone. You’re smiling more now at the thought of this person in your arms, and by your side, and cooking you breakfast in the morning after they call you babe and ask if you want waffles.

But it can break you if you’re not careful. It is possible to get too tangled up into a crush that they start affecting your life outside of them. I mean, do you even see this person that often anyway? Do they think about you the way you think about them? Do they know your favorite drink like you know theirs? Would they ever talk to you if you didn’t talk to them first? The questions and simple fantasies take over. Even when you’re feeling negative about the crush, they’re still invading your thoughts.

Crushes can cause beautiful feelings like hope and warmth, but they can also cause invasive and ugly feelings like jealousy and worship. The problem with the infatuation is the likelihood to dehumanize a person. It’s easy to throw out their thoughts and feelings because we’re just so consumed in the idea of a crush. Would anything be better than a date? A random appearance at your doorstep? Just one kiss?

It’s silly to want more than what is given by a crush. That’s why they have that title. A crush is nothing more than a start.