What You Need To Know Before You Hurt Her


Man, cannot live on bread alone, and neither can a woman live on excuses.

I never asked the earth to sprout rose bushes in winter, I never asked an apple tree to fruit strawberries, and I never begged you to give me the world. Respect, honesty, integrity, and time with pretzels and giggles in between, are all that any person needs from another. It’s seems obvious right?! Clearly not, obvious enough. Shame on you and shame on the entire system of fundamental requirements within the map of personhood. A woman, does not come in pieces or jars, she is not free like the air and she is not yours to take without giving in return. If you choose her, then you choose all of her, not the bits you like and leave behind what you don’t like. You cannot just ignore the parts you don’t want to give attention to and think that it’s cool. You can run away, if you want when the going gets tough, but when you want to come, forget it. She comes with a price, and this price tag is too much for your little piggy bank.

Desire makes weak people do foolish things, but, know this, if you want to touch her and keep her, touch her soul. Underneath her clothes, is not merely for your pleasure, or satisfaction. Underneath her clothes, is where her story lies. A sacred place deeper than any ocean, where she carries a dream, carries a love, carries every secret and mystery within the universe. There are cracks and scars filled with memories and hurts, that she sewed back together with her own bare hands, using golden thread inspired my books, quotes and songs.

She is stronger than her innocence portrays, but if you mess with her, know that you will be the one who gets hurt.

If you plan on abusing her sweet, gentle, loving feminine side, with modern day fuckboy bullshit, think twice. Because, in the end, your games, your lies, your excuses, they will kill you, before they kill her. She may cry for a couple of days when she finally lets you go, she might not even cry at all, but she will definitely forget you in a flash. But, you! You will die inside every time you see her, every time you think of her and when you see her giving all of her love to another man, it will turn every last knot in your stomach into regretful venom.

Insecure men play games, to prove a point, to feel good, and feed their ego. A good girl will help you feed it and happily live with it, and strengthen your false sense of self. But, a real, strong woman won’t entertain you for long, because she is too busy focusing on her goals, making herself a better person, by herself, for herself. She deserves a king to complete her empire. Even if that empire crashes and she has no choice but to sleep on the street, she would rather do it than spend time with a pretentious, condescending and patronizing liar. Quite simply, she does not need you. She knows how to make herself happy, and that does not involve your pathetic teenage games, and no woman can give a thousand pearls to a pig. She knows that you won’t help her grow in any way.

So, if you can’t add anything fruitful or wholesome to her life, walk on sweetie.

Let someone else be the rock to her roll.