What You Should Do Every Single Day In June For The Best Summer Of Your Life


June 1: Since it’s Dare Day, you should take a risk that you have been thinking about but have always been too afraid to attempt. Text that boy. Ask out that girl. Apply for that job. Take a chance.

June 2: It’s National Rocky Road Day so break your diet for ten minutes and treat yourself to some ice cream. You deserve it!

June 3: It’s National Trails Day which means you should take a walk through nature. You don’t have to take a hike, but at least go for a stroll around your block. Admire the sights. Spend some time in the sun.

June 4: Today is Hug Your Cat Day which means you should spend some quality time with your kitten. Buy her a new toy. Treat him with catnip. And if you don’t have a cat, think about volunteering at a shelter for the day (or at least visiting a cat cafe).

June 5: On National Attitude Day you should take a second to step back and examine yourself. Do you complain all day long? Are you overly pessimistic? Do you consider yourself a skeptic? For this one day, try to turn your attitude around and appreciate everything you have instead of whining about what you still want.

June 6: It’s Natural Gardening Exercise Day which means you should spend the day outside. Plant a tree. Water flowers. Pull weeds. Not only is gardening relaxing, but it will work different muscle groups. It’s a unique form of exercise.

June 7: You might not have a VCR lying around to celebrate VCR Day but you probably have your favorite childhood movie on blu ray or Netflix. Take a trip to the past by watching it tonight with the people you love the most.

June 8: On Best Friends Day make sure you set aside some time for your best friend. Call them to video chat — or if you’re nearby, get together for some drinks to catch up. No matter how busy your schedule is, don’t let this day go by without least sending them a text about how much you love them.

June 9: To celebrate Writers’ Rights Day, you should pick up a pen and create something out of nothing. It can be poetry. It can be a short story. It can be song lyrics. It can be a diary entry. Let your mind explore.

June 10: World Gin Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means you can get drunk with your friends without any career-ending consequences the next morning.

June 11: On National Children’s Day you should spend time with the neighborhood kids or your nieces or your young cousins. Play ball with them. Ride bikes with them. Destroy them at Mario Kart. Help them have fun.

June 12: It’s National Peanut Butter Cookie Day which means you should do some baking! Of course, you don’t have to make peanut butter cookies. Make whatever your sweet tooth has been craving.

June 13: On World Pet Memorial Day you should pull out pictures of the pet you lost and look through them. Tell stories about them. Maybe even make a scrapbook (or get a tattoo) in honor of them.

June 14: Since it’s Family History Day you should call your relatives and ask them to tell you a few stories about the old days. You could even try using one of those DNA sites to learn more about where you came from.

June 15: It’s Nature Photography Day so instead of snapping selfies, try taking pictures of the outdoors and see how many likes you can get.

June 16: On Wish Fulfillment Day you should encourage yourself to chase after your dreams. Follow your passion. Do what you love to do and see where it takes you. Don’t hold back for any longer.

June 17: Go grocery shopping on National Eat Your Vegetables Day so you can have a dinner filled with healthy foods.

June 18: On Father’s Day, call your dad (or any other strong male role model in your life) to tell him how much you love him. Or, since it’s also Go Fishing Day, you could invite him to the lake.

June 19: It’s National Martini Day which means you should unwind after work with your favorite cocktail. Or even try making a new signature cocktail that you can blend together for your friends the next time you get together.

June 20: On New Identity Day you can start on a clean slate. You can be anybody and do anything. Give yourself the freedom to grow into the person you always wished you were.

June 21: On National Selfie Day take a picture of yourself — even if you feel like a complete mess — to remind yourself you are beautiful in every single way. You deserve to be captured in photographs. The world deserves to see your smile.

June 22: On National Onion Rings Day give yourself a chance to be naughty and eat fast food for a change. Don’t worry, tomorrow you can eat healthy again.

June 23. It’s National Pink Day which means you should wear pink! Duh!

June 24: On World UFO Day you should binge old X-Files episodes, read some conspiracy theories, and find an extraterrestrial-based documentary to binge.

June 25: It’s Global Beatles Day which is a day meant to celebrate one of the greatest bands of all time. Blast their music in your car or while you’re cooking dinner. Don’t forget to sing along.

June 26: On Forgiveness Day you should consider forgiving someone who has wronged you in your past in order to earn a newfound sense of peace. Just remember that forgiving them doesn’t always mean letting them back into your world.

June 27: Rock your favorite pair of sunglasses on Sunglasses Day. Maybe even buy a new pair for all the festivals you’ll be attending soon.

June 28: It’s International Body Piercing Day so if you have been considering getting another piercing today is the day to go for it — or at least the day for you to buy some new jewelry for the piercings you already have.

June 29: On Hug Holiday Day you should give as much affection to your loved ones as possible. Hug them. Squeeze them. Remind them of how much they mean to you and how you never want to let them go.

June 30: It’s both National Meteor Day and International Astroid Day which means you should take a look up at the stars tonight. Sit on the grass and admire the sky above you as the month draws to an end.