What You Want When You Sleep With A Man


When you sleep with a man, you don’t just want to sleep with the man — you would like him to thrust deep inside you that unquestionable beauty of his manhood, the surging testosterone level and every tiny details that make him a man. His jaw line. His eyes. His voice. The way he is on top of you, locking you in between his two strong arms and gives you that cocky half-smile that drives you nuts. Or at times he would sit back and let you play with him, using him however you want while knowing that it’s only a matter of time till he would pin you down and exert his power all over you again. You would feel like a helpless creature that needs his protection, his affection, his attention. You would want to devote to him, please him, make him feel good and only the fact that this man is here with you right now would be enough to make you all aroused. And that’s what makes the sex feel so good. You could be you and you could be woman. You could be a desired woman and you could be in sync with the animal instinct in you, having wild fun experimenting with your womanhood.

But it’s only this good if before you sleep with a man, you could adore him in the most human way possible. That is, you value his dignity, his integrity, his decency and trustworthiness. You are sure he’s a reliable man whose words have meaning and weight and that he has as much respect for you as you do for him. When you sit down with him, listen to him and share with him a bit more about you, you don’t feel judged, attacked or less of a human. You know he has served himself fair and has treated you right no matter what kind of purpose your encounter entails. You notice the way he always offers help to you, how his arm rests on your body to secure you when he sleeps and that Tag Heuer watch on his left wrist that gives him a cool, manly look — or how much he actually loves watches. His shoes that are a few sizes bigger than yours. His shirt that you could wear as a sexy short dress. The way your cheeks rub against his firm chest whenever he holds you. Or when you picks up his clothes on the floor and hang them up nicely for him. His drinks, his cigarettes, how he has fun and is good at his job. Or whatever it is about this man. The idea of a man like him. The person himself. His life. His world. His thing. It’s the small details that make that manhood of him inside you more incredibly irresistible than anything ever. And it just feels so, so good.

But again, it’s only that good if before you sleep with a man, you could be sure about yourself and your own intention. You know what you’re heading into and you don’t have more expectations than what reality delivers. You have respect for yourself, your things, your life. You are real and honest to yourself at all time because only by being real and honest could you get what you truly want and need. You understand that most of the times when you sleep with a man, it is just that you sleep with a man. You take as much pleasure from his touch as he does from yours and you would like to please him as much as he would do you. It’s a fair and fun game. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more or less; it’s simply what it is and it’s good considering you have already had a common ground with him. You feel liberated, alive, young. And that’s what makes the experience worth it.

So, with all that being said, after you sleep with a man, this kind of man, you should feel good and only good. You are entitled to your choices and you have made one. You have given as much as you have taken. And you have had a good time.

Like everything else in this life, you take it one day at a time. You are fully present for this moment you’re in so that you could make the most of it. When it’s done, you will move on to the next. You let go and move on when necessary because after all this life of you is about nothing but essentially you. You’re the focus and the captain of your life. You are responsible for your misery and happiness.

It’s entirely up to you. But if you ask me, I would choose to have a good time just any day.

featured image – Shutterstock