What Your 2021 Will Be Like, Based On Your Favorite ‘The Wilds’ Character


The Wilds is a coming-of-age/survival drama that dropped on Amazon Prime last month. It follows a group of teenage girls whose plane crashed on their way to a bougie female empowerment retreat in Hawaii. The girls end up stranded on a deserted island and must rely on each other to survive and find a way back to civilization.

The girls headed to the retreat are from diverse backgrounds and the show has flashbacks showing each girl’s unique struggle she was entangled in prior to ending up on the island. Naturally, with a diverse cast of characters each viewer is going to identify with a different story arc. Here’s what your favorite character on The Wilds says about what your 2021 will be like:


Fatin is a wealthy cellist from California who is by far the least-outdoorsy on the island but she is also shrewd and tough. The best part about Fatin is her self-awareness, strength and confidence. She refuses to allow people to stereotype her based on her wealthy upbringing or her traditionally feminine appearance. If you underestimate her, prepare to have your entire existence read for filth.

If you identify with Fatin, your 2021 is about creating space for the person you want to be. Part of living out the life you want will be disappointing people whose desires and expectations for you don’t match up with what you actually want for yourself. Let them be disappointed.


Dot is a Texan from a poor family who sold drugs in order to help her dying father afford care. She is funny and smart and the de facto leader of the group. Dot is tough and expects to have to make her own way in the world.

If you relate to Dot, you’re the kind of girl to take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself, make sure that in 2021 one of your goals is to put your own oxygen mask on first. You can’t always show up for everyone else if you are running on empty. This year, remember that it’s okay to put yourself first. You deserve to have a seat at any table you want to be at.


Martha is Toni’s BFF from back home. She’s the nicest member of the group and is shown to be loyal and selfless. She opens her home up to Toni and refuses to take medication that could be used to save someone else.

If you identify with Martha, chances are you are a supportive friend and family member who is always looking out for other people’s needs. In 2021, your journey will be about forging your own path in life. You aren’t here to play a supporting role, you are allowed (and encouraged!) to be the main character in your own life.


A short-tempered lesbian athlete who lived in foster care on the same Ojibwe reservation as Martha. Toni is aggressive and often angry, but those qualities don’t come out of nowhere. She has survived difficulties in life that most girls her age have never even had to think about.

If you identify with Toni, your journey this year will be to deal with whatever past pain keeps your emotions so close to the surface. It’s probable that in the past being hot-headed served you because you were surrounded by people you needed to protect yourself from. If you are no longer in that situation, you do not need to be constrained by the protection strategy you used to survive. This year, ask yourself what thriving looks like to you. Who do you want to be when you aren’t busy making sure no one is going to hurt you?


A hard-headed competitive diver from New York, Rachel expects greatness from herself and refuses to settle for anything less. Her athletic dreams have lead to her suffering from an eating disorder. Even when she is sinking into quicksand, Rachel refuses to accept help from others.

If Rachel is the Wilds character you relate to most, you push yourself hard and believe perfection is attainable. That’s not healthy. 2021 can be a self-love journey for you as you work on understanding that you don’t need to earn your keep in life. Achievement isn’t a replacement for a personality. You shouldn’t have to earn people’s love or respect. Whether you are a high-achiever or not, you are worthy right now, as an imperfect and flawed human being. Try to cut yourself some slack this year.


Rachel’s twin sister who is very intelligent, but less gifted (at least, athletically/for a teenager). The two would often compete for their parent’s affection as they seemed to bestow it on whoever was currently achieving the most. Quiet and accommodating, Nora makes herself small in order for her sister to shine.

If you identify with Nora, you feel you are living in someone’s shadow. The work you have to do in 2021 is to establish your identity as separate enough from your family/friends/romantic partner that you see yourself as an individual. This year, you will work on learning to stand on your own two feet and stop giving power to people who want to keep you in a role that no longer serves you.


A blonde Christian from Texas who competed in beauty pageants. Shelby is closeted and pretends to be disgusted by homosexuality. She is a strong voice within the group and keeps everyone focused on working together toward survival.

If you related to Shelby the most, your 2021 will be about reconciling who you are with the image you have in your head of who you want to be and how you want others to perceive you. It’s a slow process but all you have to do is chip away at the voice in your head that tells you there is some unique reason for you to feel ashamed. Whoever you are, you deserve to let people see you. If there are toxic people in your life who are holding your growth hostage, it’s a good year to distance yourself from them.


Fresh from one hell of a teenage heartbreak, Leah is barely present on the deserted island. Instead, she replays her breakup from her predatory novelist ex and longs to be together with him again. If there were a choice between being rescued and being back with her ex, Leah would likely choose the latter.

If you relate to Leah, 2021 is about getting over your ex and moving on to something better. It feels so safe to live in the past where even if the memories are hurtful, at least you know what to expect. If you relate to Leah being in her head more than she’s in reality, 2021 is the year to incorporate some mind-body practices into your life. Take up yoga or meditation or solo walking and find a way to ground yourself and take the time and space someone like you needs to regularly sort out their thoughts.

The Wilds is streaming on Amazon Prime. As an added bonus, it just got picked up for season 2!