What Your Fantasy Vacation Reveals About Your Personality


1. Tropical Beach Island

You love to relax and are definitely laid back. You’re what most people would describe as “chill” because you don’t need much activity to make you happy, just sun, sand, and beautiful blue water.

2. Lake House In The Mountains

You are earthy and appreciate the beauty of nature. You love to be surrounded by trees and are not afraid to get a little dirty. Bugs definitely don’t scare you, and hiking is an ideal form of exercise. You most likely are into all things natural: hair, clothes, makeup, food. You are all about the balance of body and mind.

3. European City

You are classy and cultured. You love to learn about the history of places you’ve never been to, and you don’t mind having a little luxury while doing so. You feel that wining and dining while enhancing your knowledge is bound to make you a better person.

4. Exotic European Beach Town

You enjoy the finer things in life. You love to have a good time, but you do so with eloquence and poise. You will attend a party on a yacht, but you’re not going to get trashed and take your top off, unless you’re at a sophisticated topless European beach.

5. 7-10 Day Cruise

You need to know what’s happening next. You like to have a schedule and you prefer to stick to it. When you don’t have a definite plan you become anxious and uneasy.

6. Mexican Beach

You’re wild. You love to party and you basically live by the saying, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” You are extremely social and always up for meeting new people, especially if it means doing shots with them.

7. Thailand And East Asia

You are spiritual and curious. You know how to be mindful and like to maintain an inner peace. You are the type of person who remains calm in a situation of chaos, and you respond well to others who may not be so cool and collected.

8. Road Trip

You are spontaneous. You live in the moment and don’t let the future or past sway your present judgment. You don’t necessarily need a plan of where you’re going, you just need a map to know where you are.

9. Jungle Safari

You love adventure and exploration. You’re somewhat of a dare devil and you’ll try anything once. Nothing scares you, and you have a confidence that other people envy.