What Your Favorite Drake Song Says About You (MBTI Edition)


“Make Me Proud”

Easily the song for the hardworking woman who still likes to bust it wide open at the club if she’s not swamped with studying or her job. You’re emotional but not one to be pushed around. You think long term, constantly wondering about the big picture of any situation. You hate people who are inconsiderate, and nothing slows you down quite like a sad song.


For the person who has everything except a firm handle on their emotions. As a fan of this belligerently confused song you’re prone to seek drugs and sex as escapes from their problems. Candid, witty, and not a little shitty, you manage to make the best of a bad situation — even though you might be the one making it bad.

“Take Care”

You’re a bleeding heart romantic (even by Drake standards). You’re one to pine and worry. This gets you in trouble when trying to figure out what to order off of a menu. The portobello mushroom taco or the nacho avocados? Tough. Pine. Worry. Cry, eventually.

“Worst Behavior”

It seems you’re the aggressive type, but your good friends know that’s nothing but a front. You tend to act out to distract folks from the fact that you’re really pissed that everyone chose an Italian restaurant when you wanted sushi. You’ll be on your worst behavior all night out of spite. You’re fun at parties and, when necessary, you have your shit together.

“Come Thru”

Your idea of relaxing is lounging poolside (or beachside) with friends and a few drinks. If “upbeat” weed exists, you’re smoking it. Slow to anger but quick to passion, people envy you for one reason or another that they can’t quite put their finger on.

“Best I Ever Had”


Wasn’t this the first Drake radio hit? Anyway, you’re the anchor of most of your relationships. You hold people down against the odds; when they’re feeling overwhelmed, friends run to you for reassurance and a confidence boost. The type to give head first, appreciate a home cooked meal, and you probably call your folks at least once a week. Even though the song is kind of trash, you’re a keeper.


You’re broke as hell but you like to get hyped up on the idea of being rich. A good paycheck will have you at the club/bar/mall. Like most broke folks, you tend to ignore the “your account fell below…” whatever dollars you have it set to. For you, money is a means to an end, not the end itself. Money is to be spent on experiences and repeat pleasures. You’re broke but you’re happy as hell. Your cornier friends don’t always understand it. You’re broke but you fancy. Get ‘em.

“Look What You’ve Done”

The sentimental type, you’re pretty corny, so you probably smoke cigarettes. At the very least, you spend a significant amount of time staring off into the distance as part of your vague aesthetic. You cling to relationships when they’re long gone, and often spend drunken nights confused about why they left you. Great with money, sensitive at work. Honestly, you probably spend a lot of time crying in crevices at work.


The hype man of your crew, you’re very passionate, but you rarely like to take center stage. You tend to agree with whatever the squad decides, even though you may have private reservations. Often times you find yourself lonely, while simultaneously pushing away anyone of the opposite sex who seems to genuinely like you as a person. Career wise, you’re unsure. You find yourself wondering if you should go back to school to pursue something entirely different. About once a month, you head back to your mom’s place for dinner. This helps you keep your head on straight.