What Your Favorite Food Says About You


Pizza: Do you not have original ideas of your own?  Anyone who can’t think of a favorite food immediately resorts to pizza.  We all know you’re just making things up and clearly haven’t given this much thought.

Doughnuts:  You take calorie counts as a challenge.  Nothing is too big, too intense, or too high in sugar content for you in this world.  Anyone up for a Krispy Kreme run?

Sushi:  If you enjoy sushi enough to call it your favorite food, you must also be excited to wear your new spring Northface jacket and Victoria’s Secret yoga pants to the gym to use the elliptical for a total of 15 minutes.  You go, girl.  Make sure you don’t mess up your hair.

Chocolate:  Vanilla is just too plain for your taste.  You like to take life head-on each and every day and get adventurous (but not too adventurous).  Dove, Godiva, Hershey, you adore them all.  

Bread:  Nothing wrong with loving carbs, my friend. If you can whole-heartedly admit that a fresh baguette is the best part of your Panera experience, we can definitely be friends. 

Mac N’ Cheese:  You’re not afraid of comfort.  In fact, you embrace it.  Your ultimate Sunday would probably consist of oversized comfy sweatpants and a Netflix binge. 

Ice Cream:  You like to mix things up.   Saying that ice cream is your favorite food is kind of like saying the rainbow is your favorite color.  No individual choice is going to tie you down, am I right?  You could go for a cone of mocha, mint, maybe even a Purple Cow now and again.  Your commitment to ice cream almost disguises your incredible inconsistency with flavor… almost.

Kale: Seriously? No one actually likes kale.  Tell me you like kale and I’ll tell you you’re lying.

Peanut Butter:  Maybe you eat it right off the spoon, maybe you use it to enhance your favorite fruit, or maybe you don’t care how you eat it because you’re actually a dog.  Regardless, you’re incredibly faithful to old-time favorites if peanut butter tops your list.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

Steak:  I can just feel the overwhelming surge of testosterone pulsing through your veins as you think about that big chunk of protein.  Whether it’s well done or still mooing, you’re going to enjoy every single bite, just like you enjoyed every single squat and dead lift in your workout this morning.

Burrito:  If the combination of rice and beans makes your heart skip a beat, call me because you’re probably my soulmate. You tend to veer off the beaten path a bit when it comes to meal choices, and maybe even in life choices?   Don’t worry, I won’t judge you for that tattoo you got when you were 18.  I’ll believe you when you say it was cool then too.

Soup:  Are you perpetually sick?  A common trend in soup lovers is that they’re always fighting some kind of viral infection or the flu.  You probably own at least four down blankets, know how to knit, and often go by the nickname “Grandma”. 

Buffalo Wings:  You’re a fan of the classic American summer.  You like sunshine, Frisbee, barbecues and heat: lots and lots of heat.  (Side note: adding blue cheese or ranch doesn’t make you a bandwagon fan, you just appreciate in a different way.  I can respect that.)

I’m A Vegan:  Does that make you exempt from the favorite food question?  Do you not eat food?

I Don’t Have One: You couldn’t have lied like the pizza people?  At least they knew better than to come up empty-handed, because that’s just annoying.  C’mon now.

featured image – Shutterstock