What Your Ideal Vacation Spot Says About You


Sitting on the beach relaxing

You’re probably stuck in an office inside most of the time, running around juggling a busy and hectic life style so a beach is your perfect vacation. You can’t be bothered to do anything other than lay in the sand and soak up the sun with no interruptions other than someone offering you another drink. It’s the only time you can actually achieve real relaxation because even at home on the weekends you’re surrounded by constant reminders of things you have to accomplish.

Camping and hiking in the mountains

You maintain a healthy balance in life between work and the great outdoors. You already spend most of your free time exploring but you want to take a trip to the mountains to see new land outside your area. Your bucket list consists of hiking to the top of different mountains and traveling to national parks through out the United States. You want to soak up as much beauty as you can while still getting a break from reality. Hiking has become more of a lifestyle and you’d rather keep busy than feel like you’re wasting your day laying around somewhere.

A trip to a major city

You want some new, exciting and fast paced scenery in your life. You’re usually working alone or constantly doing stuff for others and a trip to the city sounds perfect to you. You want to see a different lifestyle than you’re used to living. As much as you love visiting, you don’t think you could ever give up your current lifestyle to move there. You’re just happy you have the option to visit whenever you can. The hustle and bustle of cities captures your attention and helps you get lost in the moment.

A social mission trip

When you get time off you’re the type of person who wants to go out and explore, but at the same time you want to make a difference in other peoples lives. You are used to helping people in your every day life, but you want to do more than that. You want to go some place new and help people that are going to be truly grateful for your work and time. You want people to keep think of you as a caring and giving person for taking your vacation time to help others.

A family vacation

You either got dragged into it and aren’t really looking forward to it, but hey it’s something you have to do and it’s a vacation. Or you go every year and are super excited to catch up with everyone, and get drunk every morning with your uncle. Family vacations can either be completely awesome or something you’re already dreading for the year to come, all depending on your mindset and how crazy your family is. They also don’t require much, if any, planning on your part, so you’re happy to not have to do any of the work. But regardless when you get home you’re happy to be back to your normal lifestyle.

The package destination deal

You already spent enough time planning the vacation and finding the best deals that you don’t want to have to worry about another thing when you get to your destination. Your perfect and ideal vacations are all inclusive resorts or cruise ships because the only thing you need to worry about is having fun. You generally plan, plan, plan at home so now is your time to get away and not worry about a thing. You like doing the work up front and prior to maximize your vacation time.

The RV road trip

You like some good old-fashioned fun of planning as you go. You bring whoever is down to potentially get lost on a road trip with you. You’re a modern day nomad and you’re happy you can come and go when you please from destination to destination. You have an adventurous soul and actually want to explore your surroundings by driving through different areas and making homes along the road as you go.


You’re really into seeing the world and roughing it. You don’t need fancy hotels and luxury stays, you’re trying to get through the world on a budget, and backpacking is the perfect way to do it. You get to experience the locals and start to see a place beyond the tourist attractions. It’s a great way to meet people who have the same interest as you and you can get incredible tips from others about future locations you plan on exploring.

Amusement parks or Disney

You want to stay adventurous and go on some thrilling rides to get your adrenaline pumping. You want to stay in touch with your childlike side or maybe you want to bring your own children there to experience the magic and thrill you loved so much growing up. You are still a kid at heart, no matter what career you wind up in. You know you’re never too old to go on a good roller coaster ride and no matter how many times you ride the same roller coaster the thrill stays the same. It makes you feel alive and invincible.

Site seeing

You’re super into history and while it might be a vacation, you’re there to learn. You want to see as many monuments and landmarks as possible. You’re probably the typical tourist with a camera around your neck and a map in your hands. You’ve probably been reading up on everything in the area and dreaming of seeing landmarks in person since you were a kid. You don’t want to relax, you want to see and soak up everything you can from the tour guide.

A sports getaway

You live through sports; you eat, breath and sleep sports. You actually just planned a vacation to go see your favorite sports team play. You probably have every piece of clothing item imaginable and talk about the team like you’re part of it. You constantly criticize the athletes on how they could do better. You know every detail about the top five players lives and draft days and big games are like Christmas to you.  You schedule your life around their schedule. You’re a full blown fanatic and this is your dream vacation.