What Your Instagram Filter Says About You




Maybe she’s born with, maybe it’s AMARO! This filter delivers the translucent, pasty-white effect you desire. You wish to regain the purity you once knew as a child. Is that First Communion getting a little bit too saucy? Recapture its purity by applying Amaro to that holy (read as: FLAGRANT DISPLAY OF BLASPHEMY!!!) selfie (read as: selfie) you took with your prepubescent, vegan-friendly cousins.


You like to live your life like it’s a Folgers commercial. The warm hues of Mayfair reveal your affinity for tradition and presenting yourself with restraint and grace. You believe in values, musk, and Walmart. You love the finer things in life and hate when your petulant daughter talks over your favorite NPR segment… and that makes you ever so pissed.


You own The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Blu-Ray.


This filter tells us your Etsy wish-list is mostly filled with shitty jewelry made out of seashells.


Selecting this bullshit Cracker Barrel-filter is a great way to tell the world you cried at Pottery Barn once.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everyone watch out for Pac-Sun McMaroon 5 over here! KOWABUNGA!!!! You like to live life on the edge and enjoy accentuating your golden skin EXPONENTIALLY more with this fun filter! You don’t blink once at that rash on your thigh because who gives a titty?!


You’re a firm proponent of Dannon Activia and have a crush on one out of every three people on your G-Chat.


This filter tells us the questionable posters you hung above your bed in junior high are sequestered to a small space on your wall. BUT THEY’RE STILL THERE YOU UNLIMITED CHASM OF EMOTIONAL TURBULENCE!!!!


You are in denial about MySpace’s demise. Remember the visual napalm of your Photobooth-edited profile pictures? Swoon, those were the days, huh? You have the emotional capacity of a 14 year-old cheerleader and spend the majority of your day missing the ability to custom-HTML your social media profile.


You know what they say!!! The earlybird gets the D, you big ol’ slut!


You pretentious prick. This filter conveys your annoying habit of telling everyone how much you love Brooks Brothers and kale. You like to scream out lengthly Starbucks orders when you orgasm.


Your closet is 75% Northface and you hobbies include reading, hiking, and Tori Spelling.


This weird-ass filter is the Chris Kirkpatrick of Instagram. Choosing it reflects your status as a social anomaly. You gave your second grade Valentine a card made out of blood and mulch. You also probably own a graphic tee with a wolf on it.


This bleak filter says that your Google search history is mostly “DIY hexes” and “is the Blair Witch lonely?” You are the opposite of Amaro. You harbor aspirations to be America’s Next Top Goth Holocaust Denier.


Life isn’t a Pixar movie, you delusional dimwit.


You’re a godless heathen and your Wifi network is probably named “ugh666.” The glare on your computer screen from the sun makes you forget the breathing exercises you learned in therapy.


Yee-haw, right??????!!!!!!!!


Does anyone even remember 1977, I mean c’mon. You like to pretend it happened, just like “The Big Bang” and “Obamacare.”


You know 90% of the dialogue from ‘Two and A Half Men.’ You tend to avoid negativity and are a strong believer in fiscal responsibility. FUCK TEENAGERS.